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3rd Vampire Ball

Starfury Events

London Heathrow - September '12

Guests:  James Marsters, Juliet Landau, Julie Lee, Brody Hutzler, Allan Hyde (True Blood),  Mariana Klaveno (True Blood)  Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl) and Neil Roberts  . The last minute cancellation by Jonathan Woodward and Georges Jeanty  earlier in the week was a shame,  however Sean Harry managed to get Neil Roberts (an old Starfury favourite) to come and see us straight from the West end Stage appearance in Mama Mia.  

A more serious group photo on  this occasion.


Opening Ceremony

A last minute family emergency meant that Jonathan Woodward couldn't join the convention although he did try to make it over the weekend.  Stepping in at very short notice Neil Roberts came along on Saturday and Sunday - even though it was his day off from performing in the West End in Mama Mia. It was great to see Neil again. Unfortunately Georges couldn't make it either and was missed.  Fun opening ceremony with Julie Lee attending her very first convention and Allan pretending that Mariana had kicked him offstage. There was a huge roar for Ksenia from Lost Girl fans and an even bigger shout for James at his first Starfury event.

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