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Serenity Infinity

London Oct '07

Starfury Convention : Guests  Morena Baccarin, Richard Brooks, Ellen Muth, Jonathan Woodward, Nectar Rose, Neil Roberts MC

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Despite the huge disappointment of Adam Baldwin and Sean Maher being unable to attend due to work commitments, there was a determination to enjoy this convention just like all the previous Browncoat gatherings.  Morena headlining the guest list sporting a chic new hairstyle followed by the talented Richard Brooks,  convention favourite Jonathan Woodward,  delightful Nectar Rose and lovely Ellen Muth from Dead Like Me.   Neil Roberts on hand as MC  and 'sidekick' to  the guests , here he is at the Opening Ceremony with a suitable  expression  as he prepares to unleash Jonathan on the stage. 

Nectar and Ellen greet the attendees.

Richard Brooks, a convention virgin.



Meet and Greet with the Guests

Thanks to Becky queuing in the early hours of Sunday at Serenity Four, we have 'meet and greet' tickets with the guests so we get a chance to talk to all them one on one as they visit each table.  Morena tells me that the haircut was for work but now she is getting used to it, she has brought her boyfriend Austin with her too.  Richard Brooks spoke about 'Drive' - he confides that his character Detective Early was due to join the Road race by the end of Season One and he would have become a regular, and also talks about London Theatre with Becky.  Neil is presented with a packet of his favourite biscuits on behalf of Shona, who couldn't make the convention with us this time.  Nectar remembers another of us (Mary) from the previous convention and appears excited at the prospect of the weekend ahead, this being her third Convention she knows what to expect .  Ellen talks about the Dead Like Me movie,  Jonathan is caught up on the other tables but eventually asks those left at the end of the evening to join in a choreography session for his new dance.  It's then onto the party until the small hours until we realise we need all the beauty sleep we can get if there are photo sessions tomorrow.