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Prime Starfury Convention - Sept 2005

Guests -  Clare Kramer,  Iyari Limon, George Hertzberg,  Tom Lenk,  Danny Strong, Dayne Johnson, Felicia Day, Indigo,Armin Shimerman, Robia La Morte,  Jonathan Woodward, James Leary, Neil Roberts,  Elisabeth Harnois, Alice Krieg. 

All Poop and Potential ! - Prime was one big party despite Nicholas Brendon being unable to attend.  The blessing given at the Church of Poop Jonathan 1st was one of the most bizarre and funniest things I have even witnessed.   A fitting end to Starfury Buffy Conventions.

Ok, so I admit I was disappointed that Nicholas Brendon cancelled due to work commitments on 'Kitchen Confidential'  but it is great that he is starting a new project now.  The line up was still looking good with many people I had not met before.  Unfortunately on arrival we discovered that Tom Lenk and Jonathan Woodward would not be able to attend as their passports had expired, something they had only found out hours before the flights. Of course  this became a source of jokes throughout Friday and  Saturday morning guest talks.  The event continued with autograph  and photo sessions.   A great party on Friday following the opening ceremony got things into full swing, many of the guests joining us on the dance floor.  

For more pictures see link to the left in Navigation.

Small but perfectly formed, Danny Strong tells us about the development of Jonathan Levinson on BtVS, his favourite Bond and was grateful that we too were upset at his death in S7.  He is Batman by the way. 

Felicia Day, Iyari Limon and Indigo speak about joining BtVS in the final season,  and the bond they formed as potentials.  Felicia recounts a long scene with, as she says, 'hot' James Marsters - holding the shot for a vamp face morph, how nice he smelt and his gorgeous voice. Indigo also said that she found Anthony Stewart Head had great presence and charm.  Iyari told us how she froze on her first day and forgot her lines.