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10.12.12. New Wintry wallpaper. Loki in Jotunheim from Thor (2011) . Click the thumbnail to get to the full sizes available.


6.12.12. I've uploaded the Holiday Season/Christmas page so you can get hold of wallpapers, icons and banners from the Whedonverse.  If I get a chance I will make some new ones.


5.11.12  Spike Wallpaper from 'Fool For Love'. Click banner to go to the page.


16.10.12 A few Whedon & Marvel verse icons. Click below to see the rest of them


4.10.12 Later that same day - The photos are all posted and you can now see them here. Click Banner to go to the page


4.10.12  Whilst I am still working on the photos from the 3rd Vampire Ball held last weekend, I have a couple of fan art walls/banners to share. Click on the thumbnail to go to the page. Also new Affiliate - Sara at No Promises - check out her site.


29.8.12 Following the recent news this month that Joss Whedon will be directing Avengers 2,  we hear today that Joss, Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen will now be working on Marvel   TV pilot 'S.H.I.E.L.D'.  As if in celebration of the new Whedonverse show, I'm posting a new original sketch from The Avengers - Tom Hiddleston as 'Loki of Asgard'. Click the thumbnail to go to the bigger image.




4.7.2012 Continuing with 'Avengers' characters - new Wallpaper 'Loki' (screen caps from 'Thor')


24.6.12 New Fandom to the site - Marvel Avengers (Filmverse 2012) The characters are not Joss Whedon's original creations, but he did write and direct the Huge Film of this year/decade 'Avengers (Assemble)'. We start off with some icons - Mainly Loki and a few of the characters from the Avengers. More soon.

17.6.2012 New Original Art - Echo - Dollhouse (Eliza Dushku)  . Drawn for the Invasion 2 Convention this year.  Click the thumbnail to see the bigger picture. Might have some Avengers artwork to add soon!


13.6.12 A few new icons Mal from Firefly - Click the Teasers below to see the rest.

18.5.12 I've put together photos and brief notes  for the latest Convention - Invasion 2  A Starfury Sci-Fi  event including cast from the Whedonverse. Click the banner below to go to the pages. In a week or so there will be new art posted that I made for this event.



12.4.12 Hope everyone had a good Easter (if you celebrate) and not sick from over indulgence of chocolatey goodness.  Some new Icons and a wallpaper made for a Whedonland challenge at Livejournal.  Click the images to go to the page.  I have a sketch to complete for Invasion 2 where Eliza is scheduled to appear so hopefully that will be making an appearance shortly.  There are new whedonverse Fan Vids over at my other site ' Art of Vidding'  if you want to check them out.


10.3.2012 Three new Wallpapers Gwen /Gunn from AtS, Buffy/Angel  and Episodic The Gift. Click the thumbnail to go to the page.


29.2.2012  A few more various icons.  Click thumbnail to view the rest.  Wallpapers very soon.


24.2.12 Hope you all had a lovely romantic Valentines day. If not, then don't take it out on the puppies.  There'll be some more icons and wallpapers posted real soon but for now here's a new sketch made for Hallowhedon 3 last October. The lovely Charisma Carpenter - Cordelia Chase.  Click the thumbnail to see the bigger image.  The Master now can be found in the Buffy Gallery.

13.2.12  New collection of relationship icons from the whedonverse. Click the teasers below to go to the page


10.2.12 The Valentine's Day page is now up  and some new cards to kick it off.  There will be some icons in the next day or two so do check back.

04.2.12 A couple of new Cards/Banners, One birthday and one for Valentines day (not long now!)  If I get the opportunity I'll make more Valentine cards/icons  and post a special page just before the day.



25.1.12  I've removed the Christmas /Holiday Season Page from the site for another year.  New original Artwork made for the 2nd Vampire Ball - Mark Metcalfe as 'The Master' from Buffy. Click the thumbnail to go to the page.


12.1.2012  Happy New Year everyone!  A few new pieces of art - Two River Tam pieces and an Angelus/Darla portrait . Although these are not strictly wallpapers I've put them in those sections.

Click to get to the page.  New Original sketch posted soon.