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23.12.11 Two animated banners and a new wallpaper. All seasonal themed.  Also there are three new holiday season vidlets over at my Fan Vid site - Art of Vidding.  To see the banners etc click the thumbnail below.

7.12.11 Two new Seasonal Wallpapers added. One for Angel The Series and another for Amends - Let It Snow. Click the thumbnail to go to the page.  More icons, banners and wallpapers soon.

3.12.11 In readiness for the fast approaching Holiday season - I have uploaded the 'Tis The Season' page which has a selection of icons, banners and wallpapers. I shall be adding to these right up to Christmas.  The Seasonal Vids can be found over at Art of Vidding - with a brand new Supernatural Advent Vidlet ' O Come O Come Emmanuel'.


17.11.11  New Spike and Drusilla Fan Vid posted over at my other site Art of Vidding if you'd like to check it out.  I'll be working now on new artwork for  fast approaching holiday season. I shall put up the page very soon.

3.11.11 - I'm back from Hallowhedon 3 - held last weekend in London Heathrow. Guest changes at the last minute meant that Sean Maher did not make it,  but we had Tony Head and Phina Oruche  joining us on the Saturday and Sunday respectively. Click the banner below and you'll get to the photos and reports.

7.10.11 All the photos from The Second Vampire Ball are now uploaded. To go to the first page click the banner below.

4.10.11 - New Original Art sketch - Clare Kramer as Glorificus, enjoying a Mimosa in her bath!  Click thumbnail to go to the page.

3.10.2011  Just returned from The Second Vampire Ball convention run by Starfury. Unfortunately Eliza had to cancel at the last minute but we still had an excellent line up and a couple of surprise guests. I have yet to sort out my photos but will post something shortly, along with the first of the new sketches made for the convention.  Updating the site is a little difficult still so if you find any broken links please tag - I would appreciate it. Nearly all the archive information for the Art of Vidding Awards section has been transferred so when that is complete I will be removing that and all the fan vid links from the site. You can still find them at my new vidding site below.

10.9.2011  The new website is now online for all my fanvids -   Art of Vidding.   I will also be moving the Art of Vidding Awards competition there too.  To go to the new site please click the link below, I will leave the fanvids here for the time being whilst I transfer data, files and links. This site will still have all my artwork and convention reports and will be updated as usual. 


31.8.2011 Updated awards for my fan vids- 'Now Three' winning Best Video and Judges Choice amongst others - Thanks to Prince To The Noir Awards for those. Just a few slayerverse icons to add. I really must start on some artwork now. Site updates are going to be a bit tricky for a while as my site host will no longer support the website software I use. If can't  update I will leave message on the tag board.

10.8.2011 New Fan Vid - Made for my daughter- it was all her idea to have this song set to this Film - Fireflies - Avatar. Click the banner to go to page.

2.8.2011  Updated 29 new awards won by my fan vids. Best Video, Editing and Judge's choices for the latest vid - Extraterrestrial amongst them,  so that is great news.  Working on a new vid but it may be a little while as yet. There will be a few more icons soon and I am preparing to start work on the next batch of original artwork for the two conventions later this Autumn '2nd Vampire Ball' and 'Hallowhedon III'. 

4.7.2011  Happy Independence day to the 'Colonials' as Rupert Giles would put it.  A handful of new Dark Willow and Drusilla icons - teaser below, click to see the rest. Also I have updated awards won by my fanvids. 

19.6.2011 New Fan Vid - Fifth Element overview (Leeloo focus)  'Extraterrestrial'. Click banner to go to stream and download links.

6.6.2011 I've updated awards won by my fanvids, 'Now Three' has won it's first awards.  Added new icons. Click the icon to go to the page.

27.5.2011 New Vid - Episodic of Buffy Musical "Once More, With Feeling" It's called 'Sing'  - Click on the banner to go to the download/streaming links

24.5.2011 New Wallpaper ' Once More With Feeling'  Click the thumbnail  as usual - Working on a new vid and will post some more icons soon.

16.5.2011 New Vid! 'History Repeating' Blackadder et al exploits.  Click the banner to go to the page.

2.5.2011 Some new icons. Mainly all from Angel the Series Episode 'Shells' from Season 5 but there are a few more in there too.  Click the teaser icons to go the page. I will  also be updating my fan vid awards later today - Elizabeth has won best video over at Galadriel's Awards so that is great :)

21.4.2011  New Video - Angel The Series 'Now Three' It's been a long time since I made a relationship vid - I hope you all enjoy. Click the banner to go to the page.

6.4.2011 The final two Firefly Wallpapers are done - Inara Serra and Serenity. Click the thumbnail to go to the page.  There's also a couple of banners too and I'll be posting some icons in a week or so.  My fan vid 'Elizabeth' has won it's first awards so I've added those too. 


30.3.2011 Two more Firefly Wallpapers - click the thumbnail to check them out. I just have Inara and one for the Ship Serenity to make.    All the awards won recently for my fanvids are also updated.  Thanks to the awards sites for those !

 25.3.2011  The Remastered ( actually remade  from scratch) Serenity Vid - Signal To Noise,  is now up.  Edited originally  in WMM which much grief,  I always wanted to re-do this Vid and improve on technical issues, some clip choices that I didn't like and poor quality source clips. I am very pleased with the result and you can watch or download new version by clicking on the banner to go to the page.  I also have a new affiliate - Rose's site Broken Road/ Rose's  Whispers Productions  so please go pay her a visit!

22.3.2011 Just a bit of self promotion. I have four vids in the Viewer's Choice Polls over at 'Driver Picks The Music' Awards   - Slayer, Underdog, Spitfire and Those Were The Days  - so if you liked those please vote for me (in various categories).  Click the banner below to get to the nominees page.  Thank you I appreciate your support.

15.3.2011 New Original Artwork - drawn for the Vampire Ball Last November, unfortunately Julie Benz had to cancel so I didn't bother getting it signed by just Juliet. Perhaps I'll take along when one of them is due to appear again.   Click the thumbnail to check out the sketch.  The Lilah Morgan sketch has joined the Angel Gallery. Also my next vidding project will most likely be a remastering of my Serenity Vid 'Signal to Noise' - more on that soon I hope.

10.3.2011 Three more Character Wallpapers from Firefly - Simon, Book and River. In a couple of weeks I shall do the final four (Mal, Zoe, Inara and Serenity).  I've also updated fan vid awards.  Next update I shall post an original art sketch and have some news on the next vidding project.  Click the thumbnails to view the wallpapers.

1.3.2011 March already? This year is flying by.  Some updates - a brand new affiliate so check out Kitty's vids  at WinterEvanesce - some stunning work there.  Also I am featured member for March over at Buffytube. Buffytube is a great site for slayerverse fans to post art, vids and get involved with fandom discussions about anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Angel The Series.  Hot topics include Buffy Season Eight comics as you can imagine,  it's for members only but free to join so do check it out.  Awards won  for my  fan vids have been added - Some 'Best of The Best'  amongst them I'm pleased to say,  so if  you voted for me - thank you.  And lastly new art work, three new Firefly character wallpapers - click the thumbnails to go to the page.  I shall do three more characters  next time round. 

20.2.11 New Film Fan Vid - 'Elizabeth' - An overview from the films  'Elizabeth' and 'Elizabeth - The Golden Age' starring Cate Blanchett .  It focuses on Elizabeth, her enemies, lovers and crucial moments during her reign. Click the banner to go to the stream/ download page.


9.2.11 I've updated the Fan Vid awards I've been given lately- Best Video and Judge's Choice for Plug In Baby and a Best Video RU for 'Happy Together'  amongst them, so that is great thanks to all the Awards Sites for those.


3.2.11  Xin Nian Kuai Le - Happy Chinese New Year! - This is the year of the Rabbit so it would be appropriate to have some Anya art but I didn't think that one through.  Instead I have some BtVS & Firefly Banners /icon sets and matching wallpapers.  Click the thumbnails to go to the pages.  Still deciding which vid project to tackle next. I'll update soon.




27.1.11 A few days since the last update, but I've not been sitting on my hands - A new Firefly/Serenity Fanvid 'Spitfire'  A ZoŽ Washburne action character study.  Click on the banner to go to the download/stream page


9.1.11 I have a number of vids in the Best of The Best Round at Always Holding On Awards - Please check it out and vote for me or one of the other deserving vids, thank you.