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Hallowhedon 3

Massive Events

London Heathrow - October '11

Guests: Charisma Carpenter, Anthony Stewart Head, Adam  Busch, Amber Benson and Phina Oruche. Sean Maher was confirmed  in October but he cancelled at the last minute. Late replacements were the awesome Anthony Head (but just one day) and Phina Oruche on the Sunday only too.  Official photographs copyright photographer Malcolm.  All others copyright me.

The Usual Suspects


Opening Ceremony

Held up in traffic on the M4, Tony was not part of the 'Opening Ceremony' and we just had Amber and Charisma so that was very low key. Personally I would have hoped they would have held on until Tony arrived and just start late. Other organizers have done this to no real impact on the rest of the evening.  So the opening ceremony photos look a little empty and anticlimactic.

Click on the image to see the bigger photo




There's a very good explanation for Tony laughing and the suppressed smiles on everyone's faces. Let's just say the air had cleared by the time I got in the frame.


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