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Halloween 2004 Event

For more pictures see link to the left in Navigation.

Held at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London - organized by Himber Entertainment

Guest List

David Boreanaz (Angel),  James Marsters (Spike) , Jane Espenson (Writer) , Luke Perry (Pike in BtVS Film) , Amy Acker (Fred) , Juliet Landau  (Drusilla)

What an opportunity, to see both James Marsters and David Boreanaz together on stage plus a good supporting line up.   Organized by James's management.  Happy smiling stewards and many hilarious moments during the Q&A's. If you were there, the words 'hagen dagz' will have special meaning and will never watch 'The Girl in Question' in the same way again.

900 people packed the leisure centre to see this amazing guest list, and I think the first time David and James had appeared at a convention together, at least in the UK.  With the added bonus of Amy, Juliet, Jane and Luke we were not disappointed.  Jane kicked off the event on the main stage with a  Q &A session,  as a writer of some of the funniest episodes of BtVS and Angel it was a delight to hear her talk through the process. The welcoming ceremony saw all the guests together on stage and David announcing that he wasn't tired, jet lagged, or unhappy and and "let's all go $**ing nuts" .   


Amy Acker - positively glowing in her pregnancy,  told us of her sadness at the end of Angel and the emotional strain of filming Wesley's death scene as it was Alexis last day on set. How she would love to do an Illyria spin off (after a giving us a small rendition of the demon herself) and that she couldn't choose between Alexis and J in the 'kissing' stakes. 


Jane Espenson -  Spoke of her favourite episodes, Superstar and Same Time Same Place amongst them, how she enjoyed writing stand alones above the arc episodes. She was asked  about the ' nearly' ideas that didn't make it the first time round - she had wanted to use Kelly Donovan in an episode with Nicholas Brendon but this was not taken up until S5. Her commentary on 'Pangs' was fascinating giving us insight into how much research she had done on the Chumash tribe (yes they really did contract syphilis),  all about the bear and potato ricers, and it was quite clear just how much she liked the some of the characters - Spike in S4 touched a note with her. 

Luke Perry - Ever charming and full of great stories, not just about the Buffy the Vampire Slayer film but his other acting experience - great tales about the eccentric Luc Besson during the filming of the Fifth Element,  and his work on 90210 with Shannen Doherty.

Juliet Landau - Always entertaining in her Q & A sessions. She spoke at length on the research she did for Drusilla, and that how her sister is the only member of the family who does not have an action figure - her father Martin Landau and mother Barbara Bain have ones from Space 1999. Juliet jokes after being praised loudly by a passing James Marsters in the audience 'who is that guy, he is familiar but there is something about the hair' or words to that effect.

Steve Himber, James' Manager