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Serenity Complete

London Heathrow - April 2008

For more pictures see link to the left in Navigation.

Guest List : Adam Baldwin, Ron Glass, Richard Brooks, Mark Sheppard, Jamie Bamber, Michelle Forbes, Kandyse McClure,  Nicky Cline, Leah Cairns , W Morgan Sheppard.

With most of the Firefly cast now caught up in new projects and their shooting  schedules all put out of kilter by the writers strike it was difficult to see who Sean Harry of Starfury could possibly sign up  to attend Complete.  We were hopeful - he'd done a great job in the past. 

But the early cancellation of Summer Glau (now in Terminator SCC)  and then the last minute cancellation of her replacement, Alan Tudyk -again due to work commitments  - caused that  conflicted feeling of  disappointment then pleasure that this talented group of actors were working.  Plus first time BSG guest Jamie Bamber was  not being able to get out of his schedule -  the guest list was looking a little thin.   Was this going to be our last chance to see Adam Baldwin at a UK Firefly convention?, very likely. Adam had to cancel at least 3 previous events due to work commitments so hopes were high.  And the roar  as he came onto the stage at the Opening Ceremony was deafening.  He was here at last and the other cancellations were momentarily forgotten.   The 'biggest' of all the BDH - the man they call 'Jayne'.   As if sending off the old fandom and moving onto new there were numerous  wonderful Battlestar guests too.   

One of my good friends admitted to be able to take shorthand at the Convention so I hope to have rough transcriptions of some of the Q&A's - that's  if she has recovered from the weekend.

Opening Ceremony


W Morgan Sheppard and Leah Cairns

Despite being a victim of T5 lost luggage - the bubbly Nicki Cline


Nicki & Kandyse McClure

Richard Brooks & Michelle Forbes

Ron Glass and Adam Baldwin


The Man the call 'Jayne'

The guests line up

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