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Serenity  2

   Starfury Convention - Heathrow 11/05

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Following the worldwide critical acclaim of the film 'Serenity ' , #1 box office position in the UK and the success of the first ever Firefly Convention in May all the Browncoats were looking forward to meeting the cast and  talking  freely  about the film. With surprise guest Morena Baccarin we had a line up of five BDH's and two guest stars from Firefly.

Opening Ceremony


Nathan Fillion 'conducts' the attendees in their applause, everyone is delighted by Morena and Jonathan's surprise appearance. Sean Maher tries to quieten the audience so that they can hear his heart pounding over the microphone. 

Guest Talks - Neil Roberts (event MC) and Jonathan Woodward 

Jonathan tells us how he asked Sean Harry if he could attend so he could spend his birthday with us.  Fortunately his passport was valid and being  in Ireland the previous week, he arrived on time. He shows off his nice legs in his kilt and a new tattoo on his arm.  We are also promised a visit by Reverend Jonny Wallet on Sunday morning.