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Watcher's Talk

Sorry, this is  not a  transcription of the Q&A/talk given by Anthony Stewart Head  and Alexis Denisof,  just recollections of some the things they touched upon, in between the giggles and laughter. No tweed clad, stuffy Englishmen sent by the Watchers council here - it was quite clear the minute the two men arrived that they were old friends and set off by lapsing into 'lovie' actor dialogue setting the tone for the rest of the 'Watchers Talk'. 

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Did Tony get you the job of 'Wesley' on BtVS? : It was Gareth the Producer, however ASH had seen Alexis recently (they were old friends) and was asked if he knew someone who 'thought he was Pierce Brosnan but really wasn't 'that cool (oslt) ' and he said he knew just the man for the job.  Alexis added that, yes ASH found him a job - and a wife- and now he has lost one but managed to keep the other. Could he find him another job please.  As the talk continued Alexis voice became more and more like Wesley, he apologized for the wandering accent.


Both ASH and AD spoke about their admiration and respect for Joss Whedon and his work.  They went on to explain the effect that Joss's presence had on the sets of both BtVS  & AtS, raising everyone's game. How motivated the cast felt by his being there and how depressed they were when he hadn't been around for a while - AD did say that there was a lot of pouting and sometimes that helped.  ASH & AD spoke about Joss Whedon genius at mixing action and comedy which had set the standard, a style now often imitated but never quite matched.  How he knew precisely when it was time for a gag and when to be serious.  AD explained about the last minute change to Wesley's fight scene in the finale Graduation Day Part II  had been made, Joss and he spoke about it and decided that Wesley would be floored with one punch. 

How did they feel about the development of the characters: Both were pleased at how both the characters had had a chance to grow and develop. Neither had a favourite aspect but enjoyed the variety. They also admitted that it was best that Joss was not aware of an emotional state that you may be experiencing as this would  soon find it's way into the characters' development.