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Quor'toth - Angel convention

For more pictures see link to the left in Navigation.

Guest List - Amy Acker (Fred/Illyria),  Andy Hallett (Lorne),  Sarah Thompson (Eve),  Vladimir Kulich (The Beast), Jenny Mollen( Nina) , Dennis Christopher( Cyrus Vail),  Stacey Travis (Sen. Brucnker), Dayne Johnson (Chief Makeup Artist).  Clare Kramer was MC .

A chance to catch up with Andy and Amy again - Andy is fully recovered and back on top form, meet the man inside the Beast and have a great time.  This time Jenny Mollen brings some of her works of art along to auction at the convention. 

As with all Starfury Conventions, we kicked off with an Opening Ceremony. Meeting all the guests who then stayed and chatted with fans for hours in the bar. Jenny then joined us at the party and danced the night away, but still managed to look great in the morning.   With autograph sessions,  photo shoots and guest talks throughout the day we had a great time. The highlight for the attendees  on Saturday being the full makeup Illyria photo shoot with Amy Acker - I would love to show the photo but then I would have to kill you ;) .   All the guests were relaxed - the convention 'virgins' - Vladimir, Dennis and Stacey admitted to being taken aback by the enthusiastic welcome.  

Not to be outdone, here's puppet Lorne!   Sarah, Andy & Clare at the opening ceremony.

Andy is delighted to see someone in the audience from the recent Slayer cruise.

Jenny & Clare kick off the Q & A sessions in relaxed style.

Vladimir recalls the Beast swallowing the 'globe' to shut out the sun, made from gelatine it should have melted but didn't!  Difficult to say your lines with your mouth full.   He also told us about sweating inside the Beast's suit,  the heavy horns and platform boots (weighing 40lbs) and how his dog 'Spanky' managed to pick him out on set whilst he was in full Beast costume. 

Official photograph with guests  copyright of  Dave Sumner the Photographer and Starfury conventions. All other photographs copyright of buffyandangelart.co.uk