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Vampire Ball

Starfury Events

London Heathrow - November '10

Guests:  Steve Carlson (Kane)  Georges Jeanty, Dayne Johnson, Brody Hutzler, Clare Kramer, Allan Hyde (True Blood), Keith Szarabajkas, Juliet Landau. and Christian Kane (with a special appearance Saturday evening and Sunday from Jonathan Woodward)  An impressive line up even with the cancellation of Julie Benz and Marianna Klaveno (True Blood) 

Don't ask me why they decided on the Zombie pose for the Vampire Ball - or perhaps that's their version of a vampire! 

Opening Ceremony

Some guests were noticeably wrapped up against the cold that gripped Heathrow that weekend,  most had drinks as they came on stage to ward off the chill.  I love the photo where they all raise their glasses in a cheer and Allan Hyde realizes he's the only one without a drink ...aww bless.

Click on the photos to see the bigger picture - For more photos see link to the left



Meet and Greet

As gold ticket holders we were part of a meet and greet. Starfury really do a good job getting the guests to visit each table,  ours was called the 'noisy/funny/beautiful/saving the best 'til last table' by various guests as they stopped by to chat - who by now were very relaxed, enjoying a drink or two. Georges Jeanty plays a name association game where to help him remember everyone.  Both Dayne and Christian were very impressed by my friend's tattoo which was identical to the runes Lindsey had in Angel Season Five.  All the guests seemed very keen to see some snow too whilst they were here. 

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