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Vampire Ball 2

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London Heathrow - September '11

Guests:  Nicholas Brendon,  Georges Jeanty, Julie Benz,  Clare Kramer, Allan Hyde (True Blood), Keith Szarabajkas, J August Richards, Mariana Klaveno (True Blood)  and Mark Metcalfe . The last minute cancellation by Eliza Dushku was undeniably disappointing however Sean Harry managed to get J and Keith to fly in at 3 days notice.   Unlike last year where a cold snap had gripped Heathrow we had record temperatures over the weekend of 30 degrees. Not bad for October but it made for some hot guests.

One big group hug. Don't know why the boys crowded out all the pretty girls but it's quite a fun photo. 

Opening Ceremony

Two surprise guests in the form of J August Richards & Keith Szarabajkas. Nice to see Julie and Nicholas back after quite a few years away from Starfury Conventions. Nick wore what resembled a bowler hat along with a Dick Van Dyke Mockney accent as a shout out to being in Blighty.

Click on the image to see the bigger photo


More Vampire Ball 2