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TV Appearances

Whenever possible, if there are appearances by Whedonverse actors, crew or writers on TV or Radio in the UK  I will try and upload them for you to watch. 

 do not upload or repost the vids anywhere else please, and no hot linking ~  thanks. Right click to save or click the streaming link  

Latest Snippet

James & David appear on TRL (probably the same day as T4 interview below) in '04 - Much fun ensues as they send a blindfolded 'vampire slayer ' round Leicester square.

Download 22mB WMV Zipped    or      stream


James Marsters & David Boreanaz do an interview on T4 - promoting the AtS S5  release and their Convention in London.  Nov 04. 

Download 12.6mB WMV Zipped      or          Stream

From my archive, Sarah Michelle Gellar's appearance on Jonathan Ross's show in late '04.

Download Zipped WMV  Pt1      Pt2     Pt3        Streamed Pt1  Pt2  Pt3


23.6.09 David appears on 'This Morning' for a brief chat. Later that day he is on Radio One's 'Edith Bowman Show.

David Boreanaz on This Morning 36mB WMV Zipped

David on Radio One Pt 1   David on Radio One Pt 2


30.12.08 James Marsters appears on BBC 3 Liquid News whilst touring the UK with 'Ghost of the Robot' in 2003.  (The audio on the streamed version is out of sync so download is best option until I sort a new streaming link)

James Marsters Liquid News 44mB Zipped WMV    


23.12.08  At the same time as Clare and Juliet's appearance below, Andy Hallett, Julie Benz and Mark Lutz took part in BBC Teen Saturday Show. Silly in the extreme is Julie one of the scoobies?

Saturday show Pt 1       Pt 2     Pt3     Pt4 


22.12.08  Clare Kramer and Juliet Landau appear on C4 'Rise' in '03 to coincide with the 'End of Days' Convention in Blackpool.

Clare & Julie on Rise WMV Zipped 44mB     


4.12.08 David Boreanaz's  brief interview with Vernon Kay for T4 (UK) . David in a fairly  serious mood discussing his role in Angel - this dates from around the time Angel S3 was shown in the UK.  Taken from an old tape so the sound is scratchy but worth watching just for the last few moments. 

Download David on T4 14mB Zipped WMV  or   Watch it Streamed


18.05.08 - From the Video Archives :)  Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau's appearance on GMTV to promote 'Serenity'. in 2005

Nathan & Summer on GMTV Download (22mB Zipped)           Stream 

16.05.08 -  NEW!!  Anthony Stewart Head appears on the Jonathan Ross Show - In between all the giggling there is some chat about Anthony's career, Buffy, Ripper et al.    

Download Pt1 (30mB zipped)     Download Pt2 (36mB Zipped)

 16.12.07 If you haven't had a chance to watch David on Graham Norton's chat show, then you are in for a treat. There is some language and I would rate it PG13.  Download click the links below - Also available streamed.

David on Graham Norton Show Pt 1  50mB zipped    David on Graham Norton Show Pt 2 39mB zipped   


12.12.07 PM Then it's off to Channel 4's 'Paul O'Grady Show'

Download David on Paul O'Grady  51mB Zipped WMV  (Right click and save as)     




12.12.07 - David Boreanaz is in the UK this week. He starts off by joining  BBC Radio 1 DJ, Nihal on the air. The  pics below are nabbed off the Radio 1 Web Cam - which unfortunately didn't refresh that often. Want to hear the silliness that ensued then download the interview audio.

Radio Interview   15mB zipped WMA  (Right click and save as)