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Two signings featured here, Collectormania 5 October 2003 with Anthony Stewart Head and Memorabilia April 2004  with Eliza Dushku.

Anthony Stewart Head who struck up a conversation with my 4yr old daughter, after playing peek a boo behind a photograph, seemed impressed that she could name the Scooby Gang with ease. A little less impressed perhaps when she boasted to him that she ate MacDonald's every day (so NOT true I might add).



Eliza Dushku

I had just a week from finding out that Eliza Dushku was making her first UK appearance to getting a good quality photograph and producing a worthy likeness. Probably the quickest portrait I have done.  One day signings  always have the risk of not getting to the guest before the close. The whole family queued all day and made it with ten minutes to spare.   As everyone was trying to get through quickly we had little time to chat but she did stop to  speak to my daughter .