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31.12.10 Happy New Year to you all!

Two new walls - both from Angel the Series but very different. Illyria and  Cordy & Angel  Click the banners to go to the page with the various resolutions.

28.12.2010 - I've eventually had time to update all the awards won by my fanvids over the last few weeks -  Over 50 awards  and 3 Best Videos for 'Slayer' and one Best Video for 'Plug In Baby' amongst them,  so that makes me very happy.  Thanks to all the judges at the various awards sites (linked here).  I've a couple of wallpapers to post so I'll be back in a day or so to do that.  Also I have two vids in the Top Ten at the Chosen One Awards so if you'd like to vote for me click the banner to go to the page.

23.12.10 New Multifandom Fan Vid 'What I want for Christmas'  Hope you enjoy it. Click the banner to go the download page.

15.12.10  New Dollhouse Wallpaper 'Nightmare before Echo'  Click thumbnail to go to the page - there's also four matching icons to go with it.   Hopefully some more Seasonal Art soon.

8.12.2010 Best Wishes of the Holiday season to you all!   Seasonal Icons, Vids, Wallpapers and Banners can be found here or clicking the banner below.  There's nothing new from last year yet,  but I will be making more new ones and adding them on the run up to Christmas.

7.12.10 - It's taken a while but I have now uploaded photos from the 'Vampire Ball' Convention in London 10 days ago.  If you click the banner below you'll go straight to the first page of photos.

30.11.2010 New Vid -  A Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel crossover called 'Those Were The Days'  - it's a fun look at the 'fanged four' Angelus, Darla, Drusilla and Spike. Click the banner to go to the page.  I have lots of lovely photos to upload from the 'Vampire Ball' last weekend so I will be back soon with those.  I will also be uploading the Seasonal Art /Vids page too.

16.11.2010 Sketched for the Hallowhedon II Convention last month - New Artwork - Stephanie Romanov as 'Lilah Morgan'. Click thumbnail to go to the bigger image.  Currently working on new sketches for the 'Vampire Ball' in 10 days time - Whedonverse guests are Christian Kane, Juliet Landau, Julie Benz, Clare Kramer, Georges Jeanty and Dayne Johnson along with some cast of True Blood.  Also prepping for my next vid project.

4.11.2010 Finally uploaded all the photos from the Hallowhedon II Convention in London - Click the banner to go to the page.


26.10.10 - Happy Halloween everyone :)

 Just getting these updated before the weekend.  Unfortunately no time to make a new Halloween vidlet  The Halloween page is back with icons, banners, vids and wallpapers including two new ones - click the thumbnails below to go to the page.



25.10.10  Ok so I have updated awards won for my fan vids and Art.  I have a new affiliate which I can recommend if you are interested in Faith Lehane Fan Fiction Contest site - 'Gotta Have Faith'

24.10.10 Busy Busy Busy -  Here's that new BtVS overview vid I mentioned below -  'Oh My God'  and from that title, as you may suspect it's Season Six.  I shall be back soon with some award updates and the Halloween page of walls, icons and such. 

14.10.10 New Vid - This time it's a new fandom for me -  Supernatural made for a vidding challenge at Chosen One Awards .  Click the banner to go to the page.  Now I must get on with some more art for the forthcoming conventions.  After that I will try and finish a Seasonal  Buffy the Vampire Slayer video.

29.9.2010 New Artwork for a forthcoming convention 'Hallowhedon II'  Season One Buffy and Giles.  Anthony Stewart Head is amongst the guests due to appear, hopefully I'll have more soon for the other guests.  Click the thumbnail to go to the page.  Portraits of Tahmoh Penikett and Fran Kranz are now in the Dollhouse Gallery.

20.9.2010 I've removed my recommendations page - It's been ages since the last update,  so it's in need of a severe overhaul. It'll be back soon with links to some new exciting vids/vidders.  If you'd like to find some great vids to watch in the meantime then check out all the winners at the Art Of Vidding Awards - some excellent entertainment to be had right there!

13.9.2010 New Film fan Vid 'Plug In Baby' - Action Character study of Trinity from the Matrix Trilogy. Click the banner to go to download and streaming links

12.8.2010 New Wallpaper to accompany the Lilah Fan Vid. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger versions.  I'm really pleased that Stephanie Romanov, who portrayed Lilah in Angel the Series, will be at the Hallowhedon II convention in October - I shall be doing some new sketches for this event.  I've also updated awards won for my fan Vids.


3.8.2010  New Vid 'Queen Bitch' - Lilah Morgan Character study. Click banner to go to the page for download and streaming links.


11.7.2010  Seems quite awhile since I made any new graphics. Here are a couple of walls made for an AC/DC Song title challenge at Still_Grr. I have also updated new fan vid awards, with Two Best Video Banners  amongst them,  for 'Awfully Different'  and 'Alive' which is wonderful thanks to Always Holding On Awards and Bound To Happen Awards .  I will be starting on my next Vid soon - it's an AtS one.

19.6.10  - New Vid ' In Noctem' Harry Potter with source from all Six films (major spoilers) . Click the banner to go to the vid.  I have also updated my fan vid awards, thanks to all the Award Sites  judges for those. 

18.5.2010 Brief update in the shape of a new wallpaper featuring 'ZoŽ' from Firefly film Serenity and a handful of icons. Click the banners to go to the page.  And in keeping with the Firefly theme I have updated my awards for Fanvid - including Best Video, Editing  and Judges Choice for 'Underdog' Capt. Mal character study vid so thanks to Spuffyproductions for those I'm delighted!

13.5.2010 So I'm back from the Worlds First Ever Dollhouse Convention (Run by Starfury)  ECHO 1. A fabulous time was had by all - Click the banner below to view the photos and read brief reviews. Also I have posted new artwork done especially for this convention - Fran Kranz as 'Topher Brink'  and 'Tahmoh Penikett'  as Paul Ballard. 

26.4.10 A bit of delay since the last update but I have been creating things behind the scenes, honest! New Buffy/ Spike wallpaper and original Dollhouse Art 'Mellie/November' Miracle Laurie. I have more to do before the Echo-1 Convention in a couple of weeks so back to it.  The sketch of Dichen Lachman has moved to the new Dollhouse Gallery Page.  Click the thumbnails to go to the page. 



5.4.2010 Just a little bit of promotion here for Nathan Fillion's new show 'Castle' . It comes to the UK this Wednesday 7th April  at 9pm on Alibi - It's a fun show which I highly recommend so please check it out - Here is Nathan as novelist Richard Castle, irresistible eh?      Download a teaser trailer for 'Castle'  here or a snippet of  Nathan discussing the show. Click the photo to go to Alibi's site for more information.

4.4.2010 New Vid  'Slayer'  Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Slayers past and present.  Click the banner to go to the page.

18.3.2010 New Art - This time my first real Dollhouse character portrait.  Dichen Lachman as 'Sierra/Priya' . Click the thumbnail to go to the page.

14.3.2010 Some more Walls, banners and icon sets.  Click the thumbnails to go to the page.



12.3.2010 New Vid -  'Alive' House of Flying Daggers, a look at Jin and Mei's relationship.  Click the banner to go to the page.  I have also updated awards won for my fan vids.

24.2.10 Some more Digital artwork.  Matching  Wallpapers, Banners and a few icon sets. Also I have added a couple of Affiliates - Balistik and Thandie both very talented vidders, I highly recommend checking out their work.  Click on the images below to see the artwork.


9.2.10  Some new Firefly Icons and an animated banner.  Click image below.  Also I've updated awards for my fan vids 'I'll Be There For You' and 'Reason is Treason'  - we have Best Video and Best Video Runner Up amongst those awards, so that's wonderful.

6.2.10  New Vid already !! 'Underdog'  - Capt Mal Reynolds -Firefly.  Click on the banner to go to the vid page.

26.1.2010 New sketch - Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris, this was drawn for the Hallowhedon Convention last October.  Click on the thumbnail to go to the page.  Also I have updated awards won by my fan vids.  More 'Best Video'  awards for 'Rake It In' which is simply wonderful and my latest two vids 'Reason Is Treason' and 'I'll Be There For You'  have won their first awards.  Go  to the Awards Page to see those.   Starting my next Vid project this week.  Some banners and icons will be posted soon.

14.1.2010 New Vid - Whedonverse Multifandom 'If It Gives You Joy'   Click the banner to go to the page for download and streaming links

13.1.2010 Happy New Year to you all!  With just two more episodes left to air in the US and nine in the UK  before the end of the show - I thought I would make some Dollhouse art. Two New walls and some icons.   Click on the thumbnails to go to the page.