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28.12.09 New Original Art. 'Dr Horrible' Montage.  I did this earlier in the year for the T1 Convention where Felicia Day was making a guest appearance.  There is room where the Dr Horrible logo sits to do a bit more so when I add to the sketch I will update.  Click the image below to view the sketch.  In other awesome news my Dollhouse fan vid ' Rake It In'  has won eight more awards -2 'Best Video' amongst them so that makes me very happy. 

21.12.09 New Seasonal Banners. Click to go to the page.

21.12.09 New Vid 'I'll be There for You' Wallace and Gromit. Click the banner to go to the download page. I'll be back later with some new Christmas Banners.

9.12.09 15 New Seasonal Icons - click one below to go to the page!

8.12.09 New UK TV appearance clip (from the Archive) James Marsters and David Boreanaz appear on TrL to promote the Season 5 DVD's in 2004.

6.12.09 The Christmas/Happy Holiday page is now back!! There isn't any new art or vids since last year yet, but will be adding some soon.  Click the banner  (or the link to the left)


1.12.09 Later that same day. New fan vid ' Reason Is Treason' Lindsey McDonald character study. Click the banner to go to the page.

1.12.09 December already??  Goodness Gracious!   I've updated my awards won for fanvids,  33 in total including two Best Video awards, two Judges Choice and a Best Vidder award. I don't normally post them here but I was delighted that my whedonverse vid still make an impact at these awards sites and that my other fandom vids are also doing well. Thank you to all the awards sites for these. I really do appreciate them.   The Christmas page may be up later today and I'll be back in an hour or so to post my new Fan vid, hot off the timeline.



30.11.09 Brief update - Some new banners, a wallpaper and a few Dollhouse Icons.  There will be a new vid posted soon and more news about Christmas goodies.


 Also welcome new affiliate

7.11.09 Just updating my fan vid awards - There's 22! to add, amongst those the first for my latest 'Rake It In'.  Winning awards for newest vid is always exciting.  I shall have some new original art very soon, a couple of banners and possibly clips from the archive to add. 

5.11.09 I'm back and I've finally finished the notes and photo sorting for the fantastic Convention Hallowhedon. Click the banner to go to the page

26.10.09 Happy Halloween everyone!!  (A few days early, I know)  I've made three new walls, a banner and 17 new icons.  I would have loved to have made a new vidlet for Halloween but with the upcoming Hallowhedon Convention, I've been too busy sketching.  Click the banner below to go to the Halloween Page.


14.10.09 New Vid 'Rake it In' - Dollhouse Season One Ensemble, click the banner to go to the page.  I've also updated my fan vid awards. 

3.10.09 New TV interview from the Archive - James & David promoting the Angel S5 DVD's in the UK,  along with their London Convention appearance at Halloween. Click the banner below to find the vid.  I've also updated my fanvid award pages with 19 banners. Thank you to the judges for those, it's wonderful to receive these also for the film vids that I've been making. Nearly finished new art for the upcoming convention.

19.09.09 New Original Art - Sketch of James Marsters as Spike. I've done this for the upcoming Convention 'Hallowhedon'.  Click the banner to find out more about the Con, and the sketch thumbnail is linked to the bigger image.  I have also updated awards for my fanvids and affiliate codes.  No new vid project started, lots of ideas but I haven't decided on one yet. It could be Dollhouse,  I've not done a full length vid for that show.

7.09.09 Movie Vid - 'Dracula' from the 1992 Film by Ford Coppola. Click the banner to go to the page.

27.08.09 New Vidlet - Firefly relationship study 'Puncture Repair'  Simon and River Tam. Click on the banner to go to the page.

25.08.09 Quite a while since my last update.  I'm back with new artwork. A sketch of Angel and Cordelia with  'Kyrumption', click thumbnail below.   I have also updated awards won for my fan vids. Thanks to all the various award site judges for those.  I am trying various sites for streaming of the vids  - yes some are even on YouTube when I am able to upload them which doesn't require membership to see them. If any links are not working please tag to let me know . Thanks

29.07.09 New Wallpaper - AtS Episodic 'Lonely Hearts'  Click thumbnail to go to the page.  Some original art will be posted very soon.  Started another Firefly vidlet, so that will be up in few weeks too.

21.07.09 New TV Appearance from the archives - Sarah Michelle Gellar on Jonathan Ross show back in November '04. She talks about Buffy as well as her then latest movie- The Grudge. Click banner to go to the page.

14.07.09 Is it really ten years since Angel The Series first aired in the US?  Time flies, I still miss this show as much as I did when it ended prematurely after Season 5.  To celebrate I've made a Season One overview vid 'Somewhere Else To Be' . Click the banner.

13.07.09 Some new icons made from the excellent E-Comic written by Joss Whedon and illustrated by Jo Chen - 'Always Darkest'    Click on teaser to see the rest.

29.6.09 Later that same day. I've added some awards won by my fan vids and also some new digital art Manipulations.  It's more 'fine art  - fan art' again characters from the whedonverse featured in some of my favourite fine art masterpieces. Click on the thumbnail to see them.

29.6.09 Some changes to the fan video/ TV appearance  pages. Unfortunately  the vids streamed at Imeem will no longer be available from tomorrow.  I am currently changing all links to the uploads at  the BAM VideoVault  but you will need to join to view them. Some will be on YouTube and you will not need to join for those.  Eventually I shall be changing the page layout of the Fan Video section and each vid will be embedded to make it easier for everyone.  Of course all the vids are downloadable , so you can still see them that way.   Want to know more about BAM? click the banner below.

23.06.09 New TV Interview with David Boreanaz on 'This Morning' in the UK and also the radio interview at BBC Radio One later that same day. Click on the banner to go to the page

21.6.09 It's the Summer Solstice and I come bearing an offering of a new Fan vid. AtS - Character Study (with a side order of Action) -  'Supermassive Black Hole'   featuring Gwen Raiden. Click the banner to go to the page.

09.06.09 Long Time No Update.  Trekked to Milton Keynes on a dripping dismal Sunday to see Nathan, worth the trip. Click the banner to see pictures.

18.5.09  Dollhouse comes to the UK!!  Following on from the great news that Fox has already renewed the show for a second Season, Dollhouse premieres on the Sci-Fi Channel tomorrow at 9pm.  The first five episodes are entertaining but the sixth is where the show takes an awesome turn,  please check it out.  Click the banner below to go to the Sci-Fi Dollhouse page and watch preview videos. 

14.5.09 New Art - A sketch of Summer Glau as 'River', made for the T1 Convention recently.   Also I've updated awards w0n for my fanvids.

9.05.09  New Movie Vid - Brief fun look at 'Some Like It Hot' called 'Don't Cha'. Click the banner below to go to the page.  The next vid will be Whedonverse based.   I shall also post some new art in a couple of days too.

29.04.09  Ok, so I'm back from T1 Convention with lots of photos and gossip. We were lucky to have two Dollhouse Guests - Miracle Laurie & Dichen Lachman, along with many other whedonverse stars although they now represented their new shows 'Terminator SSC', and 'Chuck'. Click on the banner below to go to the Convention page.

22.04.09 New Vid - This time it's a brief Teaser Trailer for Dollhouse, support the show and watch the last episodes.  Click banner to go to page.


17.04.09 New Art - This time it's Angel- click the thumbnail and you'll go to the page. I've also updated awards for my fan vids. 'Amadeus' won Best Video over at Diamond Galaxy Awards  so thanks to the judges there!  I'll be at the T1 Convention next weekend, guests from Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog, Dollhouse, Terminator and Chuck.  Most of the guests are whedonverse related and I hope to have news and lots of photos to share when I return.  I've just completed a 'Dr Horrible'  montage, and if there is time I'll be working on a Dollhouse one and possible new sketch of Summer Glau in one of her whedonverse roles.

3.04.09.  New Vid - 'Brick By Brick' BtVS Season 7 overview. Click on the banner to go to the page.


Andy Hallett



Gone but not forgotten. Andy, you will be missed.

16.03.09 Back on familiar ground with a few new icons and an episodic Wallpaper - The Trial - Angel the Series. Click on the thumbs to go to the page.


11.3.09 - New Movie fan vid posted ' Amadeus' - click on the banner below to go to the page.  Also new affiliate -Jaidanwolf's multiverse Video site- The Right Side . Well worth checking out.

4.3.09  Just updated awards won recently. Thank you to Diamond Galaxy Awards for both Best Video (Promise- BtVS)  & Best Vidder this last round - I'm honoured.  More original art soon,  still working through another vid. I hope everyone is watching Dollhouse! 

27.02.09 New Original Artwork !!  Pencil Sketch of Alan Tudyk as Wash from Firefly.   Willow & Tara sketch has moved to the Fool for Love Gallery.

12.2.09 The Christmas Page has been removed, packed in a box and put in the loft for another year.  The TV appearances uploaded as Christmas Stocking gifts are all found on this page.  Dollhouse premieres in the US tomorrow - do check it out!  I've updated some awards for fan vids and I'm currently working on another non-whedonverse vid.

23.1.09 I've updates awards for my fan vids - special thanks to Mjade at MMV Awards  for 'Best Video' for 'Free'  That made my day. There are a 'Spangel' icons to go with the latest vid - mainly from AtS S5.

21.1.09 It's all updates at the moment!  I've created a new page for all my 'Other Worlds' Fan vids - namely the Film and other TV Fandoms which I have started to edit recently. There are only two vids on there at the moment but it is a start . Click the banner to go to the page.


20.1.09 Later that same day - New Vid 'Awfully Different'  an Angel and Spike relationship study. Click on the banner to go to the page. I will be putting up a streaming link very soon.

20.1.09 New Original Art!    From the 'Fool for Love' series it's our wiccan lovers, Willow and Tara. Drawn for the Collectormania signing last Autumn.  Click the thumb to go to the page. I'll be back very soon with a new Fan vid too!

14.1.09  All you lucky people in the US will get to see Joss' new show 'Dollhouse'  in less than a month. 13th February - exactly five years since Angel was cancelled ( oh the irony - bitter much?)  To get us all in the mood I made a few icons and a couple of Dollhouse walls.  Click the thumbnail to go to the page.  I'll be back in a day or so with new original art.

 6.1.09 Happy New Year one and all!  Thank you for all the Christmas wishes and banners on the tag board. I bring you a couple of  slayerverse banners and some Angel Icons. The Christmas Page will stay on line until the end of January, when it will be wrapped back up in tissue paper and put in the loft until next year.  There will be a new Vid page soon to house the non whedonverse vids and some more original art.  Awards won for my fanvids have also been updated. Finally watch this space too for some Dollhouse art - I haven't wanted to make too many before actually seeing the show- just  so I could get a proper feel for its mood.  There'll be a sprinkle of icons plus hopefully a wall /banner.