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30.12.08 Continuing with season of giving there's a new clip on Xmas Page.  James Marsters appearance on BBC3 Liquid News back in 2003. Click on the banner to get to the page.

23.12.08 At the same time as Clare and Juliet's appearance for the Convention, Andy Hallett, Julie Benz and Mark Lutz appear on BBC Teens 'Saturday Show'. Very silly indeed. Click banner to go to download or stream.

22.12.08 Another video clip for your Christmas Stocking - Clare Kramer and Juliet Landau appear on C4's then breakfast show 'Rise' to promote the 'End of Days' Convention back in '03.   Also in a  Christmas mood is a Harry Potter Vidlet 'Carol of the Bells'. Click the banner to go to the page for both items.  More clips tomorrow.

15.12.08 Slight delay to the updates due to 'technical difficulties', but I'm back now with a couple more walls - one sparkly Spuffy one and another Angel/Darla wall. Click thumbnail to go to the page.  I have also updated awards won for fan vids and a couple of icons. Tomorrow I will have another small stocking filler video clip.

5.12.08 New Seasonal Wallpapers!  From Amends - Buffy and Faith   and Angel & Buffy Snow.  Click the thumbnail below to go to the page.

4.12.08 A little something for your Christmas stockings!!!  I did this last year and I've been rummaging through all my old video tapes to find tidbits on the run up to Christmas. It's a very brief interview featuring  David Boreanaz with Vernon Kay of T4. Click on the banner to go to the page.  I will be back soon with more video clips featuring whedonverse cast/crew and new seasonal fan art.

1.12.08 Christmas is coming!  To get us in the mood the Christmas Fan Art, vids and icons are now all back up. All the vids are streamed and download versions will be available in the next day or so. Click the banner to go to the page

26.11.08 Happy Thanksgiving  To all of you who celebrate the 'Ritual Sacrifice, with Pie'.  There's a short episodic vidlet of Pangs - just for a bit of fun, just click on that banner and you'll get there.   I'll be back in a couple of days when I will upload all the Christmas vids and fan art.

4.11.08  New Art!!  - Drawn for the Collectormania 14 Signing - Mercedes McNab as 'Harmony'.  Click the thumbnail below to check out the bigger picture. Riley Finn has now relocated to the Buffy Gallery. Also I have updated awards won by my fan vids and there's a smattering of new icons in the Digital Art section.

29.10.08  Happy Halloween!!  To celebrate there's a new vidlet 'Monster Monster'. You'll find it plus icons, banners and walls by clicking the image below.

29.09.08 Collectormania 14 was good fun, I did get a chance to have the artwork signed and lots of lovely photographs were snapped by my other half.  The artwork of  Mercedes and Amber  will be previewed very soon.  To see the photographs click the banner below.


25.09.08 New art - Riley Finn has arrived and can be seen on the Wet Paint Page! Click the image to get there. Dawn has moved to the Buffy Gallery .  I have added more Icons in the theme of Seven Deadly Sins - we've got ' Lust' and 'Wrath'.  Also Collectormania 14 approaches this weekend and I shall be hopefully meeting Mercedes McNab and Amber Benson amongst other Whedonverse guests. So there will be some new original  art and photo's soon.



10.09.08  I'm pleased to be adding two affiliates to the site  - Angel Investigations and Bewitched, you can find the links on this page, check them out. There will be some new art along soon. Awards for my fan vids have been updated &  I have a new Wallpaper and a handful of icons - all created from the prompt 'envy' in an art challenge.  Click the image below to check them out. 


27.08.08 So I did get a chance to do at least one piece of art over the holiday to add here.  Missing from the line up for some time from the Buffy Gallery is the lovely Ms Trachtenberg as 'Dawn'. So here she is. Click on the small image to go to the preview page. I also plan to have Riley and Joyce join her fairly soon.  The Big Damn Heroes montage is now in the Firefly Gallery. And thanks to all who voted for me at Chosen Awards Ten at Top Ten, two of my vids were in the final choices.

7.08.08  My summer holiday fast approaches and I haven't been able to start any new projects. With a bit of luck I will pack my sketch pad and  may have some new art to post when I return.  In the meantime here is the full cast (including Serenity) montage of Firefly. Click on thumb nail to go to the page.


2.08.08 Not much to add other than I have updated awards for my fanvids - thanks to all the sites for those.  There is a new affiliate see Links page and also I have 4 vids in the Ten at Ten over at Chosen Awards - if you like my vids please click the banner to vote.  Yes I'm shameless.

29.07.08 As there is now the full episode of Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog hosted at Hulu - You can watch it embedded here on the Dr Horrible Page!  Click Icon below:

20.07.08 If you missed the late night  'phone in' interview Joss Whedon gave to BBC Radio about Dr Horrible's SingAlong Blog, it  is now available to download. Click Icon to go to the page

14.07.08 It's Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog week. First episode streams tomorrow followed by two further episodes  on 17th & 19th. Please check it out and support the production by buying the download/DVD later. I hear tell that there will be T Shirts too!   Made some more icons and a couple of banners and my awards have been updated. Not sure what the next vid project will be. 

6.07.08 Dr Horrible's Sing-along Blog!!  A new web-based show. The idea conceived by the Whedon bros et al during the WGA strike,  a musical comedy featuring Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day and Neil Patrick Harris. The trailer is so much fun, the episodes will be streamed during July and then available on download and DVD. 

Please check it out here on the official site and spread the word, everything is linked on that site.   To celebrate I made icons from the trailer please take and use on forums and journals to promote the show -  click the teaser icon below to go to the page. There will be some more soon  from the e comic, written by Zack Whedon now online at Dark Horse.

5.7.08  New Vidlet!!  'Venus in Furs' a short musing on Angel being the preferred 'torture puppy' and his 'Mistresses' . It has a rather adult theme so best not viewed by the very young and impressionable.

2.07.08  Another new wallpaper. This one is Episodic for ' City Of', also a few more icons and my awards have been updated.  Working on a BtVS Vidlet which I hope to finish soon and in a couple of days  I'll have some 'Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog' icons.


18.06.08 Icons have been reorganised into TV shows to make it easier to find. Please save them to your own server/computer if you want to use them. I've been digging around my videos and found some more TV appearances - Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau on GMTV promoting Serenity in the UK (2005). Click the banner to go to the page.

10.6.08 I've updated awards won for my fan vids - those for my latest ones 'Tired'' New Beginning'  'Free' and 'Viva Las Vegas' -  and some for older vids.  There's a new Buffy Wallpaper, BtVS S8 Banner, a sprinkling of icons and  TV Appearance video.  Anthony Head was a guest on the Jonathan Ross show on 16.5.08.  If you missed the interview click the banner below. There is some talk of Buffy and Ripper in between all the giggling!



21.05.08  A Few new icons and some new wallpapers - I've reorganized the wallpapers into fandoms with a page for each.  Click on the thumbnails below to go to the page.  Following the release of the first promo shots  and the trailer for Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse - You could say I'm excited and that would be an understatement - I hope to have some artwork to share soon. 

18.05.08 The re-editing of 'Viva Las Vegas' is done and a new version is available for download.  Only around 10 seconds of the original remained - but I think the new one merits a re watch, it will be streamed soon. Hope you enjoy it. Click banner to go to page.

14.05.08 - It's been a while since the last update, but I've not been totally slacking..... I'm over half way through the re-editing/mastering of my very first vid - Viva Las Vegas.  My latest vid 'Free' has won awards and they've been added to that section along with a few more.  There's  a few icons  - Zoe from Firefly, click the teaser below  and lastly I  am honoured that this site has been awarded 'Site of The Month' by Erin at E-Transitions Net.  Thank you so much !

27.04.08 Another 12 icons from the comics added click the image below to see them.


19.04.08 - I've updated awards won for art and fanvids , a couple from the BOTB rounds at 'Driver Picks the Music Awards' and 'Divine Awards' - thank you if you voted for me in those competitions.  Also new art!  The sketch signed by Adam Baldwin when I met him last weekend.  Kennedy is now found in the Buffy Gallery.

18.04.08 Back from Starfury's final Serenity/Firefly Convention. We had a fantastic time, although  mixed feelings of sadness at the 'final' and elation at meeting Adam Baldwin. It was a case of saying farewell to Firefly Conventions and ushering in a new fandom of Battlestar Galactica (I highly recommend the show)  There is a new section for photos - ten pages in all and definitely not dial up friendly.  Click the banner to go straight to the first page.  I'm hoping to add some transcripts of the Q&A's and some new artwork very soon.

2.4.08  The auction piece has arrived safely so I am pleased to be able to show it off on the Wet Paint Page. Kennedy, The Vampire Slayer for Spiletta42.  Click thumb to view.

24.03.08 Sweet Charity Auction  Original art is done and as soon as I know that the winning bidder has  received their commissioned piece then I'll feature it on the Wet Paint Page.  Awards have been updated and I will be starting on some more sketches for 'Starfury Serenity Complete' Convention. Still hoping that Adam Baldwin will make it along with Alan Tudyk - Summer Glau has had to cancel, but it's good for her as she has a new film role.  Another BOTB round opens for viewer voting at 'Driver Picks the Music Awards' Click on the link and vote for me if you like my vids 'No Self Control' 'New Beginning' and 'Fix You'.

17.03.08  - A couple of new links added here  and bit of shameless self pimpage. I have a number of vids in the BOTB round at Divine Awards. So if you liked 'No Self Control' , 'Siva', 'Promise' and 'Ghost Story' please click on the link below and vote for ME!  Also new original art coming soon.  -eta  voting now closed

 12.03.08 - Small update. Awards for Fanvids etc have been updated.  A couple of new icons added - click teaser below to go to the page.  New art will be the Sweet Charity piece - Not sure if I will be showing it here when it's finished, then I will start on some pieces for the forthcoming Starfury Serenity Convention  Complete.

04.03.08 - New Sketch - well this is strictly from the Firefly montage I did last Autumn but I thought I would reveal another couple of characters.  Wash and Serenity - click on the thumbnail to go to the wet Paint page.  I have started another vid but it is proving troublesome.  We will just have to see how it goes.  Also another Photoshop manip for the 'Adventures of Spike & Angel' - recapturing the moment after Angel meets the Dragon -  After the fall. 


26.02.08 New Walls - Drusilla and a Faith/Dean (SPN) crossover & updated my awards for art & fanvids.  I have also cleaned up Affiliates and out of date links - so if your site has been on hiatus without any 'due back date' for some time then it will be gone,  tag me if you have a new URL.   Also a couple of new manips - just for fun.  Angel and Spike have stolen Barbie's moped and set off on a world tour - to celebrate the famous scene in 'The Girl in Question'  they are in Italy, but this time Angel's driving!  - Click on the image to go to the page.



12.02.08  New Section! I have just started to experiment with 'manipulations' in Photoshop and have a couple of my first attempts in a new section in Digital Art. Click the thumbnail below to check them out. Also awards for art and fan vids have been updated and there are a few new icons of some 'alternative' relationships in the digital Art Icon page.


30.1.08  BUMPER UPDATE !!!! 

Lots of tweaking and new things on the site.  The Christmas/Seasonal Sections are gone for another year. There is now a 'TV Appearances' page which hosts the David Boreanaz UK interviews.  The 'Fusion'  videos  have  moved to the Conventions section.  Three old vids have been taken down in the hope that I will be able to remaster them. If  I like the results I'll repost new versions, so 'Monster Mash', 'Viva Las Vegas' and 'Suckers' are all off line.   Awards won for my icons, fanvids and fan art have all been updated.   There are new icons, banner & Wallpapers in the Digital Art Section (made for the Winter of Angel comm at LJ). Click the images below to go see.....

22.01.08  Awards for my fan vids, 'No Self Control', 'Promise' and 'A New Beginning'  updated. Many thanks to Lady_M4ryjane  Awards, DPTM  Awards and Divine Awards.  A new banner in the Digital Art section. It's 'Waiting in the Wings' after Degas. Click image below.


21.01.08 If you have ever wanted your very own original sketch (by me)  of one of your favourite whedonverse characters, then this might just be your chance.  I've put myself up for the Sweet Charity Auction and I am currently going cheap! Click the link below to find out more, you'll find me listed as 'thedothatgirl' in the graphics section.  Even if you don't fancy a sketch there are tons of graphics, fanvids and other goodies all for sale for a good cause by some seriously talented people.  ETA Auction ended - link removed.

14.01.08  A New Vid! It seems a long time since I made a Firefly/Serenity vid, and perhaps this wasn't the sort of thing I had in mind for the next one but that's the way the vid bunnies hop.  It's called 'Tired' and it examines Inara's true reason for leaving Serenity. The voices in my head made me do it, click on the banner to get to the page.

09.01.08  Happy New Year everyone!   Not much yet but a few new icons made for Still_ Grr community and I have updated awards for my fanvids 'New Beginning' 'Promise', 'Great Escape' and 'Gordon' and some Art awards Thanks for those!   A new Forum/Archive site that will interest vidders and vid watchers alike - Whedon Video Spot - don't be shy pop over and join in, click the image below. I will take down the link to the Christmas page at the end of this month.  Finally, I have started a new video - Firefly character study but the rest I'll keep to myself for now.