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24.12.07  No real updates other than to say I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2008! 

20.12.07 Another set of stocking fillers for the   Browncoats & Buffy fans! Footage of guest appearances (shot on shakeycam by me) at the closing ceremony of 'Fusion' - the first UK appearance of Firefly cast alongside some excellent BtVS cast.  There aren't any Q&A's as that was not permitted, but there are some speeches which I hope you will enjoy. Click on the icons to get to the page, check out Nick Brendon, Nathan Fillion, Emma Caulfield, Summer Glau, Juliet Landau and Jewel Staite amongst others.

17.12.07 New Banner up on the 'Holidays' page. Click image to get there.

16.12.07 -Second stocking filler now uploaded. It's David's appearance on the Graham Norton show. There is some language, so it's PG13.  Click on the banner to go to the page.

12.12.07  I'm looking around for some whedonverse related 'stocking fillers' to post for the run up to Christmas and this nicely coincides with David Boreanaz visit to the UK this week. He has been on Radio 1 and C4 Paul O'Grady show and is due to appear on BBC2  Graham Norton Show later this week.  I have the audio clips for just the 'David' section of the radio show and the TV appearance available for you to watch/download. Click on David below to go to the page.

6.12.07  I've added some more icons and updated Fanvid awards.  I hope to get a vidlet done for the Holidays but I may be too busy making mince pies. Approaching fast and picking up speed - The Holiday season is upon us. So whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Divali - I wish you all the best.  Click the image below to get to the Holiday Page - you'll find the Christmas vids, walls and icons.

22.11.07 Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!   Hope it's not a 'Yam Sham' and  everyone has both ears!   Some icons too, if you want.


16.11.07 Another snippet of the Big Damn Hero montage is up on the Wet Paint Page - This time it's 'River'. Updated awards won by my Fanvid 'Promise'  - a huge thank you to MMVA for Best Video and Best Editing and also to Poetry in Motion Awards for Best BtVS.  There are a few more icons in the Digital Art section. Many of you may have heard about the Writers Guild of America Strike. As this affects everyone who enjoys  watching  shows  written  by members of the guild,  I would recommend that if you are interested in finding out more, and want to show your support then check out the site below. 

13.11.07  New Vidlet. To celebrate the publication of Angel: After the Fall, here is 'Angel: New Beginning'  a brief S5 recap vidlet to get you all in the mood.  I will be adding a stream soon.

11.11.07 Updated some awards won for icon/fan art challenges and my Xander vid 'Great Escape'. Also added a new Firefly Wall 'That Went Well'  and more  icons.  The new AtS vidlet is coming on, who'd have thought less than 2 minutes could take so long to edit. Click on thumbnail to go to the wall or icons.

29.10.07  So who is going to watch a Buffy or Angel episode to celebrate Halloween?  Some seasonal icons, banners and new wallpaper on the 'Halloween' page, click the wallpaper image to get there.  Enjoy the trick or treating.


18.10.07 Some new Icons and  a Anya/D'Hoffryn Banner in the digital art galleries - Click the thumbnails below to check them out. All made for the LJ Challenge community 'Still_Grr' - this month the prompts are all 'Big Bads' so there's plenty of evil to be seen.  There are some new links and affiliates added to the Link Page and I also plan on making more banners and icons for Halloween so check back next week.  Another new vid has been started, it's early on in the timeline right now so nothing much to say other than it is A:ts - Season Five .

9.10.07 See all the photos and read some anecdotes from Serenity Infinity - Starfury's latest Firefly /Serenity Convention.  Click the banner below.


3.10.07 Finally finished the 'BDH'  Montage - A sneak peak is on the Wet Paint Page - I will be showcasing each character individually. The first up is 'Inara', the 'Cordy' sketch has moved to the Angel Gallery.

30.09.07 Working hard on finishing some new art - it's a Big Damn Hero Montage.  Disappointing again that Adam Baldwin has had to cancel due to work commitments. One day, I hope, I will get to meet him.  Updated some awards won for 'Great Escape' and 'Promise', plus a couple of Site and Art Awards from BBM 3rd Anniversary round.  Thanks for those.  Some new links added for my vids on stream at imeem. Quality is poorer than before.  Once I am back from the Convention I hope to start on a new vid although I have no idea yet what it will be.

10.09.07  Serenity Infinity Convention fast approaches and I had planned to do some new art and vid for the contests held there. The art is definitely achievable but I am not sure I can wrestle out a Firefly Vid by then.  In the meantime I have updated awards won by my fan vids and as I have been tagged more than a couple of times here are the first of the memes. My nano on shuffle gave me the following - Scary huh?

Paint it Black - Tea Party
I Predict a Riot - Kaiser Chiefs
I like the way you move - Body Rockers
Dancin' Shoes - Artic Monkeys
Beat of my own drum - Poe

Fugitive Motel - Elbow
Processed Beats -Kasabian
Forfeit - Chevelle
The Line- BRMC
Blind - Placebo

28.08.07 A long time coming but definitely worth the wait - New Vid and Site Choices  -  These won't be monthly from now on but I hope to make at least four or five recommendations a year .  A new Firefly/Serenity Video from Bradcpu 'Working Class Hero' - go watch and marvel  - and the Site is 'Aimee's Sanctuary' a fantastic collection videos from the  whedonverse and other film and TV Fandoms.  Check out the banners at the foot of the page.  New affiliates - CEC & Kaycee's site 'Indifferent Obsessions' 'Fairy Dust Productions' and Nikima's new information site 'Crossroad Times' please check them out.


23.08.07 A few new icons themed with the new Vid 'Promise' click teaser below.  I have also updated my fanvid  awards. I successfully made it through to the Sweet Sixteen of the Vidding Tournament over at Friendly Neighborhood Video Awards - which considering the competition I am very pleased  about, classed as a 4th seed was an achievement in itself. There is now a HQ version of the new vid but no imeem stream - quality is so poor that I decided not to upload until that improves.

21.08.07 Another New Vid - BtVS S2 Angelus/Buffy/Spike/Drusilla angst - 'Promise'. Click on the banner to get there. There is no Imeem stream of this yet and I may still upload a HQ version.   Feel free to send any feedback or leave message on the tag board.


07.08.07  I'm back with just a brief update.  There are a smattering of new icons here - I'm gradually working my way through screen caps that take my fancy, click the image below.  Unfortunately I am having some issues with the Imeem video site so you may have problems accessing some of the vids on stream,  you should still be able to download them though.  Our viewers choice poll is still open in the Best of the Best Round  Art of Vidding Awards- there are some excellent vids which you can watch and then vote for your favourite. And  finally 'Great Escape' has won it's first awards - thanks to Sunnydale Stories Video Awards. Also some more for Gordon & Signal To Noise. 

17.07.07 Just before I go off on my summer hols - A New Vid!   - A fun, fast Xander study 'Great Escape'  Click on the image to go to the page. Enjoy and please feel free to feedback.

14.07.07 It's exactly a month since my last update - Sorry folks but it's been busy over at the Art of Vidding Awards.  So - what's new you say?  A few more icons added, click the image below to get to them.  I have added all the awards won recently  for fan vids - 'Gordon' has won a further sixteen which I delights me, and some more for 'She Visits Me' 'Siva' & 'Signal To Noise'.   I have also added links to the streamed versions of the latest vids if you'd rather watch online than download. All feedback is appreciated.  I'm two thirds of the way into S1-3 Xander vid - it's up tempo and in a lighthearted vein. It seems that I have  no inspiration for a dramatic or serious vid at the moment so I am just going with whatever takes my mood.   In a couple of days I hope to have a new vid/site  choice of the month.

14.06.07  'Gordon' has won it's first awards along with more for 'She Visits Me' & 'Siva' - thanks to Sunnydale Stories Awards, Supernatural Freak Awards and BtVS Vidding Awards - Links to these sites can be found here  Finally  New Icons !   As promised a clean slate with the icons and a new batch of 23 are posted. 

03.06.07 - A brief update of some links,  New Award sites to check out. I have also updated awards won for fan vids - 'Signal to Noise', 'Ghost Story', 'No Self Control' and 'She Visits Me'.  Thanks to all the sites for those - they're wonderful. 

24.05.07 Just a brief update - check out the Vid of the Month Choice below, ' When You Were Y0ung' a beautiful and nostalgic BtVS fan vid by Elisha Marie. 

19.05.07 Well you could say that it's a bit like buses - nothing for ages and then two come along together. Yet another new vid - This time it's my first AU - Buffy/Angel crossover about a love triangle - 'Gordon' Once again click on the image to go to the page. 

17.05.07 New Angel The Series Vidlet - 'She Visits Me' Song By Vast. Made for Reverie's Style Contest. Click on image to go to the page.


14.05.07  Finally chosen a Site for this months choice. It's Sensue's  'The Database'  - not only whedonverse vids but other popular TV and Movie fandoms. A good place to check when you are looking for your latest fan vid fix.  So if you make vids or just love watching them, click and check it out.  My next Vid choice will be from the Reverie Style Contest - when this closes and the vidders are revealed I'll be posting a new recommendation.

10.05.07  The Sketch of Charisma Carpenter is now on the 'Wet Paint' Page - click the link to the left to view.  I've been slack but I will be back in a couple of days with some new Month's Choices.  Also I have updated awards for my fanvids - 'Signal to Noise' did marvelously at 'Path of the Heart Awards' so thanks to the judges there.  Also some awards for 'Fix You' 'I'm Too Sexy' & 'House Rules' - thanks to Bring on the Night, Beautiful Lie and EHI Awards Sites. 

07.05.07  Back from Collectormania this weekend. There are a couple of pages of photos of the beautiful Charisma Carpenter,  and snaps of the other whedonverse guests too. Click on banner below to view. 

25.04.07  The vidding Timeline has been opened once again.  Hopefully there will be a new vid of some kind next month.  Very soon I will be removing and revamping all the icons/walls & banners  - it seems that some people know how to hotlink images here  but not how to read the requests not to do this . Peculiar  and strangely irritating.   New awards won for 'No Self Control' and 'Black Tangled Heart' Thanks go to Flip Side Awards, Driver Picks the Music Awards and Sunnydale Stories Awards.  Next original art project will be 'Cordelia' Charisma Carpenter  for Collectormania 11 in May - when I hope to be able to see the only cast member of Angel I have yet to meet. 

11.04.07  NEW ART ! Original sketch of Christina Hendricks  as 'Saffron' (aka YoSaffBridg) on the Wet Paint Page  Also just a reminder PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK IMAGES - that means anywhere including forums, MySpace or Jappy - you can easily upload them to your own server and post them.   I have also updated awards won by my fanvids.  My vidding muse appears to have deserted me so I am off to look inside the Sofa in hell.  Wish me luck.

06.04.07 - Happy Easter to you all - A new Wall to celebrate and a couple of icons. Click on Images to get to the page or full size wall. More updates soon.

27.03.07 New Affiliates - Brighette at 'Different Sun Vids' - A multifandom vidder whose work is well worth checking out  and Shona's 'Pointless Nostalgic'  Fanfic/ Graphics  Archive, a great place to browse- check the links below.   I have also updated the awards won by my fanvids - 11 For 'No Self Control' including Best Video from EPMVA,  some for 'Halo' , 'Too Sexy' & 'Signal to Noise' so I am feeling very happy about that . Thanks go to EPMVA, MMVA, SSA, PIM, FNVA, BOTN , BKSL and SFA. To find all these sites check out the Links Page.


26.03.07  All the photos from Serenity Four are now posted in the Convention Section. To go straight to the pages click the image below.

12.03.07  10th of March marks  the 10 Year anniversary of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' first Television appearance. It arrived a little later here in the UK so, in keeping with that sentiment, my tribute graphic art set Wall & icons  is a little late too. Click on the image below to view them.  Nothing much to report other than my total failure to start a vid yet - the plan is to do some last minute artwork for Serenity 4 this Friday.  Charisma Carpenter has been added to Collectormania 11 signing event in May so I have hope to meet her there too.  I have updated my Fanvid awards, more for 'No Self Control' & 'It Had to Be You', thanks to all the awards sites for those.


28.02.07 I had hoped to have started a new vid project by now but February as flown by without a trace of a clip on the timeline.  Still wavering between a couple of frivolous ideas and I just need a kick start.  In the meantime I have updated awards for my Fan Vids, thanks to BOTN,  MMVA,  Beautiful Lie Awards, Sunnydale Awards and  Army Awards.   In two weeks I will be attending Serenity4 in Glasgow - another Starfury Convention for 'Serenifly' fans. I am looking forward to that and may get a chance to do a YoSaffBridg sketch before I leave.    In the artwork side of things there is a preview of Lorne from an AtS Sketch montage on the Wet Paint Page. 

16.02.07 Vid and Fan Fiction  of the month are now posted.  The Vid, by the  talented Jessie is a AtS  overview inspired clip to lyric choices and a fantastic trip to the dark & twisted world that was S4 Angel, the fic is a Faith/Giles  story post 'Chosen', a prelude to further adventures  of Faith,  by the awesome MaraSho.  I hope to have the site choice here soon. Please check them out, they are definitely worth it. Also welcome to new affiliate MessyJessie.net

15.02.07 I am delighted that 'No Self Control' has won Best Video, amongst other awards in the latest rounds at Sunnydale Stories Awards and Beautiful Lie Awards - Thanks so much,  that's something special. Haven't started a new vidding project yet but I do have a couple of lighter themed ideas I would like to try after all the angst of the last two. I will update on any progress.

14.02.07  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY   To celebrate I have made some new Icons, a banner and a new whedonverse Couple sketch. Click on the icon below to go to the page.

07.02.07 Some new Icons in the Digital Art section - just 16 assorted Angel, Buffy, Firefly and celebrity images. Vid, Fiction and Site of the month should be up by the end of the week and I hope to have some more art to celebrate Valentines Day.  'No Self Control' has won it's first award - thanks to SpikeJem over at Army Awards.

02.02.07  New Art - The sketch of Elisabeth Rohm as 'Kate Lockley' has moved to the Angel Gallery and there is now a sketch of Mark Sheppard as 'Badger' on the Wet Paint page.   I have also updated awards for my fanvids - thanks to Evil Hand Issues &  Breaking Free Awards. Hope to have some more icons in the next few days and I am starting to think through the next vid project. After all the angst of the last two I am hoping to do something much more frivolous and silly.

25.01.07    I would like to say a huge thank you to CEC & KayCee over at Bad Bad Man Awards for the 'Vidder of 2006'  Award  - I am so touched by the kind things they had to say and I will treasure that award which you can see here. Also some more awards for 'Signal to Noise' and 'Swell Party' and my original Artwork & Walls from Reverie, thanks to everyone who voted there.

NEW VID!!  - It's a S7 Spike overview called 'No Self Control' - song by Peter Gabriel. Click on image to go to the page.

20.01.07  So it's come to this and all I can say is I am very sad.   I post artwork for people to see and hopefully appreciate. Yet now I find that someone, named (according to Buffy and Angel Magazine)  'Samantha Jones from Australia', has seen fit to send in two copies of my group montages,  cropped to remove identifying marks and my signature in Black & White and claimed as her own, it seems that they liked them so much they gave her the star prize.  I have written to the editor and I will let you know what transpires. To say I am disappointed could be deemed an understatement.   In other news I am half way through the next vid and hopefully this won't put me off finishing it soon. 

12.01.07  - 19 Icons - 2 animated, now up in the Digital Art gallery - all from the Buffy Episode 'Lovers Walk' - please upload to your own server and credit as usual.  Updated my awards - more for 'A Christmas Ghost Story' thanks to MMV Awards &  Sunnydale Stories Awards. One more fan vid now on stream BtVS 'Hush' episodic.  Started preparing clips for the  new vid -  if all goes well and I don't change my mind it will be Spike - S7 study.


The Vid & Site of the Month Choices are up!  'Hair of the Dog' is an fun character study of  Dean Winchester from Supernatural by Wolfpup - all his  snark, cheek with a good helping of violence!  The Site of the month 'Slayerversathon'  is a LJ Community which will have Fanfiction, graphics and hopefully vids posted over the coming month.  Check it out - and if you want contribute to the collection I am sure it would be appreciated . All my previous selections will be added to the recommendation page if anyone wants to back track over old choices.   More of my fan vids are now streamed, if there are any that you want to see added, tag me.   I am delighted to have been awarded 'Best Vidder of 2006' over at Evil Hand Issue Awards -  and my new vid 'A Christmas Ghost Story' won it's first award - Best Video - and others over at 'Bring on the Night Awards' - which is great!

And finally I have a new affiliate 'Charming Like A God'  please check out the site by the link below.



Just a quick update mainly about my fan Vids - I still continue to get problems with people downloading my vids and using them as clip source, and posting the 'results'  over at YouTube. There are two older vids in particular that seem the most popular so I have decided to stream these only.  In addition I will be offering some of my other vids in stream format as well as download. The quality will not be as good as download but it may help those of you who can't always get to see the vids. I will be adding more as we go along.  Please wait for the vids to buffer before playing - it just makes it little less jerky.


 Happy New Year to you All!!  Most of the recent updates have been made over at the Art of Vidding Awards so it's time for something new here.   NEW ART Elisabeth Rohm as Kate Lockley now on the Wet Paint Page.  The sketch of Shepherd Book is now in the Firefly Gallery. I hope to have new choices of the Month in a couple of days and a new feature for some of the vids  the Moving Picture section.  The Christmas Page with all the graphic art /vidlets will remain on-line until the end of January and then 'get packed away' with all the other decorations until next year.  I have also updated the awards for my fan vids -  New ones for 'House Rules', 'Black Tangled Heart', 'Santa Baby' & 'Swell Party' -thanks to all the Awards sites for these.  Finally some of my vids are in the Peoples Choice 2006 Polls over at With Silence & Tears   and another Best Of Round at Serenity Awards - any support is appreciated!