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New Vid!  - Another seasonal of sorts - more of a traditional ghost story than festive fluff with snow. ' A Christmas Ghost Story' contains all the angst from 'Amends'  that was omitted from my other Christmas vidlets. Set to Transiberian Orchestra's instrumental medley - Christmas Eve Sarajevo. Click image to go to the vid.  I have also updated my awards for Fan Vids -  thanks go to Sunnydale Stories Awards, Beautiful Lie Awards, Poetry in Motion Awards &  Bring on the Night Awards.    I hope to post some last minute icons  and update my choices of the month very soon. 


10.12.06 My other Seasonal Vid - Santa Baby is now online - click on the Christmas Present to go to the page.  I have also updated my awards. Thanks to Bad Bad Man Awards and Poisoned Kiss Awards. Also  there are a  couple of my Firefly fan vids in the Best of Year Round at EHI Awards, so if you liked them please vote for me. Click link below.  I hope to be able to start on a new Seasonal vid in time for Christmas, plus more banners and icons.  New Affiliates added to the link pages, please check them out.

4.12.06 Merry Christmas everyone (I know it's early but have you seen how fed up Angel is, waiting in that box?)

An early Christmas present for you all - Click above to go to my Seasonal page with Icons, Wallpapers and my vidlet 'Let It Snow'  - I made that back in 2004 and I hadn't been vidding very long, so it's fairly simple.  The other vidlet 'Santa Baby' will be up hopefully by the end of this week.  If time permits I may do another seasonal vid to add to this. I will also be adding more artwork as Christmas approaches.   Nominations are coming along wonderfully for the Art of Vidding Awards, click on the link left to see.   A huge thanks to Tami over at Sunnydale Stories Awards, my vid 'Temptation won eight awards including Best video, I am stunned and delighted.  New affiliates for Buffy and Angel Art - Crystal Illusions -  and also for the Art of Vidding Awards - see the links and the update page.

1.12.06  The time has come!  - The Art of Vidding Awards is now open for submissions. Click image below to get there,  go submit your vids.



Also I hope to have my Christmas/seasonal vids back online, along with some festive art and icons in the next day or two, so don't forget to check back.

25.11.06 - Vid Choice of the Month has been added, I was going to keep these selections to just the whedonverse but I love Frivolity's vid so much it deserves the attention - action packed and hilarious in true comic book style - it will blow your socks off!     Remember if you enjoy the choices too, then please feedback to the creator - it will really be appreciated.   I have updated my awards for fan vids and there is a new Eliza Dushku wall in the digital art section.  The Art of Vidding Awards opens in just 5 days and I will also be uploading a special Seasonal Section with my Holiday Vids, original and digital art - so be sure to check back.

23.11.06 Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate this holiday.  There are a few new icons here to go with the banner. 

20.11.06  As promised I have added my 'Monthly' choice feature - To kick it off,  I  have some  wonderful selections -  Firefly Fanfiction - ' Badlands'  by Bradcpu  and   Site - 'Reverie Vidding and Art Community'. I hope to post the Vid selection later this week.   All  Updates  from this page will now be archived - the link is below.   My fan vid awards have also been updated - Black Tangled Heart has won it's first, thanks to Poetry In Motion Awards.

Click the button above to preview  my new site  'Art of Vidding Awards'  It's not just for whedonverse fandoms - there are quite few other TV shows listed which I hope to expand as we go on. - round one will open on December 1st -so take a look around and let me know what you think, you can of course apply to affiliate immediately.

11.11.06  Some more NEW ART on the Wet Paint Page  - A pencil sketch of Ron Glass as 'Shepherd Book' from Firefly. The Groosalug, Mark Lutz portrait can now be found in the Angel Gallery - link to the left.   I pleased to announce that from the 1st December 'The Art of Vidding Awards' or AvA's'  will open for it's first round. Nearer the time I will publish a link here so you can all check out the rules and hopeful submit your vids. I am adding another new feature very soon  'Site/Vid/FanFic of the Month'.  A great chance  for me to recommend whedonverse related Sites and works that I feel deserve recognition.     And finally I have a number of fan vids in the Best of the Year Round over at 'Effulgent Reflections' - Please go (and unsubtle but what the hey) vote for me! Click the banner below to vote.

6.11.06  I have updated my fan vids awards - thanks to Evil Hand Issues for Best Video, Editing & Montage for 'Signal To Noise' - I am delighted!   Also thanks to Rebel Majesty for the awards for 'Siva' and No Frontier Awards for 'Best Music Use' for 'Firestarter'.    Still deciding what will be the next vidding project,  however there will be more Art posted in a few days. Next week I hope to make an announcement about a new feature on this site, so be sure to check back.

30.10.06  NEW ART  - This time it's Mark Lutz as  the 'Groosalug' from Angel check out the sketch he saw at Collectormania this month on the Wet Paint Page. The Kaylee sketch has moved to the Firefly Gallery where you can see it in high resolution.   I have also updated  awards received for my fan vids 'Siva', 'Flames', 'Halo',  'Livin' Doll', Fix You'  and 'Food'. Thanks to Sunnydale Stories , BBM Awards & Buttmonkey Awards.  Four of my more comedic vids were selected and shown at the Buffy Seattle Video Competition recently and I am pleased to say that 'Food' won 1st place with 'I'm Too Sexy' coming in 3rd. This is the first time my vids have been shown to an audience of more than 2 people  so needless to say I am delighted and  would loved to have been there and seen the reaction but I guess that'll be at another event.  

25.10.06 Happy Halloween to all !  Yes, a little early but in readiness I have some Halloween themed goodies for you.  In the Digital Art Pages there is a new Banner and some icons.  And to finish off  another  NEW VID  - Of the Halloween themed episode from Angel Season Five 'Life of the Party' - called 'What A Swell Party' just a bit of fun and I hope you all enjoy. Click the image to go to the page. 


20.10.06  New Vid! 'Black Tangled Heart' - an episodic vid of 'Faith, Hope & Trick' - made for the Soundtrack Vidding Project. Click on Image to go to the page.  'Signal To Noise' and 'Siva' have now moved to the Firefly and Angel Vid pages.   


16.10.06 More NEW ART  - This time it's the turn of Jewel Staite as 'Kaylee Frye' a coloured pencil sketch of which, I must say, I am rather fond, you'll find it on the Wet Paint Page.  The portrait of Amber Benson is now in the Buffy Gallery.   I have updated my fan vid awards -  'Siva' has won six - thanks to Buttmonkey Awards, Friendly Neighbourhood Video Awards and Immortal Soul Awards. Also one for 'Livin' Doll' from Sunnydale Stories - a new award site you should check out (see the Links Page).   Plans for my new Vidding Award site move on and I'll be able to let you all have some details very soon.    Now that my other site, Carlton Art ,  has been established I hope to be able to start vidding this week. In the planning stage are an Buffy episodic and a couple of very silly comedy vids. It feels like an age since I posted anything new vid wise so I am now raring to go.