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Not Fade Away

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Guests: J August Richards, Amy Acker, Andy Hallett, Christian Kane, Vincent Kartheiser, Keith Szarabjakas,  Jonathan Woodward, Dayne Johnson, Steve Carlson  & Adrienne Wilkinson. Celebrity MC Clare Kramer.

The guests greet the attendees on Friday night, all except J who is delayed with filming. There are 3 great surprises and Keith, Vincent and Clare get a rapturous welcome.

Throughout the convention we were treated to entertaining Q&A's , photo and autograph sessions.  The Fancy dress parade had us all cheering  and a mysterious contestant dressed as wrestler 'Numero Cinco' appears and shouting in Spanish challenges organizer , Sean Harry, to a bout. Comically they throw off their jackets and start grappling which ends with Sean unmasking 'Numero Cinco' revealing him as convention favourite - Jonathan Woodward. The whole hall erupts as not even the guests were aware that Jonathan was due to arrive and everyone is amazed. (Jonathan is becoming renowned for his 'entrances' following the day late arrival at Prime Convention with Tom Lenk, dragging their suitcases - he manages to top that with this appearance).  Kane then perform an amazing acoustic live set for over an hour on Saturday night,  playing old favourites as well as some new tracks , J and Andy Hallett even join in with the singing, and the party wraps up very late with most of the guests joining us at the Disco.   Great news from Kane as they tell us that they now have a recording deal with RCA and we are amongst the first to hear. 

Opening Ceremony