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Meet the Film Makers - Thor : The Dark World

Marvel Studios

Apple Store, Regent St. London - October 2013

Guests: Kevin Feige - Executive Producer Marvel Studios, Tom Hiddleston - Actor (Loki) , Alan Taylor - Director.  Interviewer Chris Hewitt of Empire Magazine.



This was an event as part of the Marvel's new film  Thor : The Dark World promotion tour. Held at the very intimate Theatre at the Apple Store to only a few fans (only about 50 seats and the rest were standing). I managed to reserve the minute it was announced as I was going to be in London for the London Film Festival.  Still photography was permitted but filming was handled by Apple who then made the event available as a free download on itunes.  For an hour we had the pleasure to listen to Tom, Kevin and Alan about the film-making process and a few 'fan' questions which were off topic. Unfortunately there was no opportunity to speak with them all personally or get autographs but I still enjoyed this immensely.

Podcast on Youtube Here




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