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Hallowhedon II

Massive Events

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October 2010 - London

Guests:  Anthony Stewart Head,  Alan Tudyk, Stephanie Romanov, Jewel Staite and Robin Sachs.

The weekend consisted of Q & A Sessions, Guest Encounters (you had to bid to win and I didn't do these as they clashed with Q&A) An episode screening, an Auction,  a Quiz with all the guests and parties.  Tony had to leave mid morning Sunday so he did not take part in the Quiz or the group Q&A.


Opening Ceremony

Fortunately there were no cancellations this year although we had hoped for more guests - last minute announcement of Robin Sachs brought the number to five but I had no time to do any artwork for him.  This year all the guests were in good health and despite Stephanie being struck with a lousy cold ( Sudafed was praised over the weekend)  There was a brief opening ceremony and then into the Guest Meet and Greet for the Gold Ticket holders.



More Photos of Q &A's this way