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Hallowhedon 5

Massive Events

October 2013 - Birmingham Metropole, UK

Guests:  Alexis Denisof, Tom Lenk, Jane Espenson, Sarah Hagan, K Todd Freeman,  Jeff Ricketts and Brad Bell


Q&A Alexis


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Alexis explained that over the course of the weekend his accent would drift back and forth from Mid Atlantic drawl to English. And this proved to be the case. Every now and then he threw in a little Lancastrian and Brummie accents.   Discussed his role in Avengers as 'The Other'  The prosthetics were so extensive that he could neither see or hear. The teeth made it very difficult to talk. He couldn't pee or drink easily. Tom Hiddleston was wonderful and extremely concerned for Alexis during filming.  Alexis had a spare set of teeth made by SFX so that he could practice for 6 weeks prior to shooting. By the time that came around he was fairly clear vocally. Months later Joss asked him to come and ADR his lines as Joss had rewritten most of the characters dialogue so all his efforts were for nothing as this was done in the studio.   He spoke about how much fun they'd had shooting Much Ado and how it evolved from the regular Shakespeare readings at Joss' house. 

Regarding the development of Wesley's character throughout Buffy and Angel, he said he was very pleased but after a long spell as 'bad-ass' Wesley he missed the silly slapstick Dork Wesley. He discussed this with Joss who then returned with 'Spin The Bottle'.  Shooting that episode was probably the most they ever corpsed on lines. He explained that it became so difficult that they literally had to shoot one word at a time before someone cracked up. David Boreanaz used to just run through the door and they fell apart.  When asked about his family Halloween celebration he gave all the credit to Aly but he said this year the theme was built around the choice of his daughter and Aly wanted it to be a surprise so he couldn't tell us.  This led to his comments about dealing with the Paparazzi and how they would camp outside their house in wait. Aly was perfect at handling them whereas he'd be the guy scowling in the background.   At the end of the Q&A Alexis replayed on his phone the very lengthy  video from Amy Acker who profusely apologised for cancelling at short notice. He teased that she would not stop talking.




More Hallowhedon Five