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Hallowhedon October' 09

Massive Events

GuJames Marsters, Nicholas Brendon, Mercedes McNab, James Leary & Mark Lutz.

A last minute cancellation by the only guest I'd not yet met, Harry Groener (Mayor Wilkins BtVS S3) was disappointing and there was no replacement. No Dollhouse or Firefly guests either but considering that Dollhouse is still currently shooting and most of the Firefly regulars are working on other projects that's just the way it goes.

Opening Ceremony.

We'd heard about James's accident on the set of Caprica a week or so ago but we were reassured by management that he would be attending. Sympathy to the 'Hub' Convention in the UK the previous week which he had to cancel. James was there and in a great deal of pain (you could see it- and quite frankly almost feel it too) The organisers announced that James asked all attendees not to touch/hug him in the photo shoots as it would hurt too much. He would not be sitting during his Q&A's either. Palpable disappointment from the fans that had booked multiple photo shoots - more on that later.

The organisers took the trouble to explain how things would work at the weekend. On a show of hands it became apparent that the majority of the attendees were con virgins, much to my surprise and delight. So good that these shows still garner this sort of interest.

First up on stage was James Leary (Clem BtVS) followed by Nick Brendon (Xander) Mercedes McNab (Harmony BtVS/AtS) Mark Lutz (groosalug AtS) and finally James Marsters (Spike BtVS/AtS) James took the stage to the usual reception but clearly without that boundless energy and enthusiasm that he normally exudes, he leant heavily on his directors chair. We had a brief hello from them all and soon after they left the stage for the Gold ticket cocktail party.


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