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Echo One

The worlds first Dollhouse Convention -  Run by Starfury

Heathrow London UK - May 7- 9th 2010

Guests : Tahmoh Penikett, Enver Gjokaj,  Fran Kranz, Dichen Lachman and Miracle Laurie

Saturday Q & A Sessions :  Miracle Laurie - Fran Kranz- Tahmoh Penikett- Dichen Lachman & Enver Gjokaj

Fancy Dress Parade and Party

Sunday Q & A Sessions :   Dichen Lachman - Fran Kranz & Enver Gjokaj - Tahmoh Penikett & Miracle Laurie - Group

Closing Ceremony

Unfortunately Mark Sheppard had to cancel about a week or so before the event, due to work commitments but everyone else was still on course to appear. Randomly checked twitter on the Thursday night just to see if Miracle Laurie or Dichen Lachman had tweeted that they were already in the UK (trying not to panic about Volcanic ash disruption) when I saw Miracle mention that she had dinner with old friends including Enver! It could have been a wicked red herring but I was hoping that she had let the surprise guest out of the bag. That said though it was too late though for me to do a 'Victor' portrait.

The opening ceremony - Miracle, Dichen, Fran and yes - Enver!! and finally Tahmoh were announced in turn. Fran's mannerisms are very Topher-esque and you could see he was extremely nervous as it was his first Convention, Enver's too - but he seemed far more relaxed. The cheer for Enver was huge, I gathered that lots of people hadn't checked Twitter. 

At the meet and greet it took a while for the first guest to get to our table - we had a few Con newbies on ours their enthusiasm was infectious. Tahmoh came over first, he is very softly spoken and although he was sitting two places away I really struggled to hear him talk. Fran next and he was trying to overcome his nervousness, he'd just flown in from St Petersburg and was jetlagged too - he chatted to us about asking the Simpson's team to do a Topher picture which he showed us on his phone. Miracle and Dichen both recognised myself and my friend from last year, we talked to Dichen about politics and The Wire - a favourite show of hers, which she is crusading. Miracle fessed up to her Twitter mistake.

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Opening Ceremony



Starfury Video clip of the opening ceremony



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