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About Me

Ok,  I'm the shorter of the two people in this photograph. Pictured here with Cap'n Tight pants or evil Caleb, agent of the First .  I like to associate Nathan with the character of  Capt. Mal Reynolds from Firefly/Serenity - somehow I don't think I'd be smiling quite so much if it was Caleb.   Taken at the Fusion Convention in 2004.

I live and work in rural Lincolnshire (my place is opposite a graveyard - honest!) and have been painting on and off for 20 years,  but with renewed enthusiasm after discovering the whedonverse.  I am an avid ' Buffy the Vampire Slayer', 'Angel' &  'Firefly' fan having followed these shows from the beginning to end (which came all too soon if you ask me).  

Why paint and draw these people? Apart from the enjoyment of capturing the essence and often, beauty of such great characters I wanted something very personal that I could ask the cast to autograph at conventions and so it started.  Here is the result of just over five years of work,  some were signed before being scanned and added to the galleries. 

Being immersed  in the whedonverse Fandom has meant that I have also become addicted to watching fan videos and a natural progression was to start making my own, which you will find at my other site - The Art of Vidding.    From the 1st December 06 I have been running my own awards competition - The Art of Vidding Awards. 

  Although I would never part with my autographed portraits, special commissions will be considered.   Just email me and ask.  (Updated Sept 2008)