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Collectormania 7

Collectormania is a signing event held in Milton Keynes, UK  featuring many actors from the world of Sci-Fi, Fantasy  and Cult TV /Film usually taking place over four days.  At this event on the Sunday it would be possible to see  James Marsters, Alexis Denisof, Anthony Stewart Head and Kali Rocha  so I set off early to get in the queue.   I was lucky enough to meet them all and talk about my art which they signed.

  For more pictures see link to the left in Navigation.

Tony smiled when he saw his portrait and 'marked' it like a teacher - 10/10 of course!    Kali and I  talked about the new William and Cecily comic being produced at the moment and I said I would have liked to hear her talk about her time on BtVS, especially with James as there was an audience with him later that day.


" You have all the 'Wesleys' on here".  Alexis liked his portrait and he thanked us for queuing for so long in the heat.

Photography in James queue was not permitted (to help speed things up) so I snagged this one whilst queuing for Alexis.  James gave everyone his full attention as usual and a hand shake.  He too, thanked me for queuing all day long and when I replied that it  was fun  he said  "No it's not!" and smiled broadly. He discussed watercolour painting with me and how he found it difficult and so would end up using acrylics. I explained that I wanted to have a portrait of James and not 'Spike' for change.  

Later that day there was a 'Watchers Talk' with Anthony Stewart Head and Alexis Denisof on stage together for the first time and an audience with James Marsters.  Getting good seats meant we took far too many photographs and had a great time.  Click the links left to see those pictures and read a little about what was said.