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An Audience with James Marsters

As with the 'Watchers Talk' I did not want to take a full transcript of the Q & A given by James, I was too intent on listening and enjoying the moment.  There is a  good transcript  on the net, but I have recalled here some of the subjects about which James spoke, the questions he was asked and have paraphrased them here in no particular order.

 Worse moment:  Breaking the 'e' string on his guitar minutes before a concert, acoustic strings need 12 hours to relax and will go out of tune quickly. He was saved by a fellow musician heating the string with a hairdryer to help it 'relax'.

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Did he prefer motorbikes or sex ?:  No pause "Sex".

Guests to a dinner party: "Stalin" to ask him what was going on in his head, "Churchill" and "George Lucas".

One thing he would like to be remembered for ?: A good Dad.

Who would he choose to play Lady Macbeth?:  Can't recall exactly if James named any particular actress but went on to explain the character and how the actress must be capable of gaining sympathy from the audience by the time we get to the 'out damn spot' speech.  He also talked about his theatre career and advice he was given about Shakespearean acting, how it differs to acting in Beckett plays and whether he would consider theatre in London.  Unfortunately he said family commitments precluded any long term work in British theatre, however a member of the audience exclaimed that 'we'll wait'