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Collectormania 10

Whedonverse Guests - Amber Benson, Juliet Landau, Elisabeth Rohm, Mark Lutz, Sam Anderson & Bonnie Bartlett.  Held in Milton Keynes, UK from 29th September to October 1st.

Mark Lutz - 'Groosalug' from Angel



Mark spots my daughter and says much to all our amusement  "May I ask you a few questions?"  He then proceeds to quiz her about which year at University,  does she have a boyfriend, has she always been this blonde and cute,  what car does she drive and so on.  Confused to begin with (can't he see I am only seven thinks my girl) we counter with whether he is rich and agrees that this is good advice from Mum, to marry a rich man.   I then go on to remind him about End of Days Convention and how funny he was in his Q&A's .

Mark studies his drawing, which he thinks is 'amazing'.

What a charming and great guy.  More pictures of the other guests see link on the left