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David Boreanaz Event  - Brighton

Held at The Brighton Convention Centre, organized (and I use that term loosely) by Jealous Events

Guest List : David Boreanaz, Nicholas Brendon, Kristine Sutherland, Mark Lutz, Kelly Donovan.

I make no apologies.... I am a huge David Boreanaz fan, when the UK event was announced for August 2003 I  got my ticket and started on the portraits.  I also did quick water colour sketches of both Nick Brendon and Kristine Sutherland - I would ask them to sign too.  All the  guests were great and I managed to get both David and Kristine's autograph. 

I could start by listing all the things that didn't happen at this event and how badly organized it was, but I will concentrate on the good things, and they were the guests (some we weren't expecting but were glad to see) who turned up and entertained us with great stories, Snoopy dances,  gave autographs and posed for photos.  Not many on stage photographs  as the lighting in the main hall was abysmal and even allowing for 1600ASA film and my paparazzi style telefoto lens  there wasn't much opportunity to get closer. Oh well, at least Nick and David have been back to the UK since. 

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David arrives                Is he being followed by someone familiar?